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Using electric pasta machine is much easier than using the manual one

Fresh pasta for your dinner menu served right up on your table. You take the sauce as much as you like, stir it a bit, and ready to enjoy it. Not only can the sauce makes it delicious, the texture of the pasta also pamper your tongue. It all depends on how we make the pasta. There are two ways we can make it, using manual or electric pasta machine. Of course, we can also buy dried pasta and boil it at home. But that does not give you a better taste than you yourself make the pasta.

Using electric pasta machine is much easier than using the manual one. Some people like to stick to the manual one. They love to experience authentic process in making pasta, adjust the pasta firmness manually, observe in detail the pasta size and thickness, or just enjoy the process cranking the machine. They feel satisfied going through all the process – sweating and sore hand, cranking. So they eat the pasta with double satisfaction: delicious taste of pasta and enjoying their hard work making it. On the other hand, for people that love to make everything simple, they prefer to use electric pasta machine. It simplifies the process. While manual pasta making involves hand-cranking the pasta, the motor attached in electric pasta machine replaces the hand-crank. Although there is limitation in tolerating different dough mixes by using electric pasta machine, but with the speed in preparing home-made pasta, we still love to use it, especially for busy housewives. It produces faster result, suitable for preparing home-made pasta for large number of people in a party or the like.

In comparing the two, they definitely have their own advantages and disadvantages. Electric pasta machine is definitely more expensive than the manual one. With a budget of $50 you can get a good manual pasta maker whereas additional of at least $100 or more is needed to get an electric pasta machine. But its ease of use in switching features to make all different kind of pastas and fast pasta processing may worth the price buying it. Some say manual pasta machine is easier to clean while other argues that just by separating out the motor, electric pasta machine is not that difficult to clean. Electric pasta machine is usually heavier than the manual one. For outdoor pasta party, the manual one is more suitable as it does not require power outlet and it is lighter to bring.

So, making pasta is about our creativity. Whether we use the manual pasta machine or electronic pasta machine, it does not limit our creativity in mixing the dough or shaping the pasta. What really differ electric pasta machine with the manual one is the use of electricity in aiding the chef rolling and cutting the mixed dough. There are also several advantages and disadvantages described above. Thus, it is up to our preferences to decide which one to use in which occasion. Generally, people go for manual pasta machine for better taste in contrast with electric pasta machine for simplicity and faster result.

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