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What is the difference between apple juice and apple cider

For those who do not know, these drinks are not alcoholic and are made from apples. It could be said that they are the most important non-alcoholic drinks in the United States. Many people say that the only difference between cider and apple juice is labeling. This is because the dilemma between cider and juice is not strictly defined.

What is the difference between apple juice and apple cider?

The juice and the cider are, both, 100% pure juice made with fresh apples grown in the United States. The difference is in the process. Apple juice is considered cider that has not been subjected to a filtration process to remove coarser particles from the pulp or sediment. Also, to make the cider, the apples have to be washed, cut and ground to reach an apple compote which is the one that will then extract its juice through a hydraulic press. Meanwhile, the apple juice is the juice that has been filtered to remove the solids. Subsequently, it has been purified so that it remains fresh for a longer time and I saw some drink red wine with the apple juice.

Apple juice

Apple juice

Apple juice is an important source of energy to be introduced into our body for daily activities. We have previously mentioned the content of vitamins and mineral salts that we will now describe in detail.

Regarding the other nutrients present, remember that about 230 ml of juice make less than 114 calories and contain 0.25 g of protein and 0.50 g of fat. Since the apple is a particularly sugary fruit, it presents (for the same quantities just provided) 28 g of carbohydrates, of which 24 are sugars. We now discover the many virtues and properties of apple juice.

It is a rich source of vitamin C

The vitamin C present in a glass of apple juice corresponds to a quantity of about 23 ml. This vitamin is extremely important for the health of our body as it represents real support for the immune system, whose job is to respond to bacterial, viral infections and fight physical and mental stress. Vitamin C also helps to reduce the aging process of body cells and to purify them of accumulated toxins.

Eliminates toxins from the liver

Apple juice would seem to improve liver function, thanks to its purifying action. The malic acid contained in our drink is able to favor correct digestion and restore the values of bile (the substance produced by the liver involved in the digestive process) to normal levels.

The overproduction of bile involves the appearance of the stones which can be contrasted with our juice. It has been confirmed that drinking at least a liter of apple juice a day helps to soften and encourage the expulsion of the stones. This procedure is called liver washing and is recommended to those who suffer from gallstones.

Prevents the risk of diabetes

Who would have thought that a sugary food like Apple could prevent diabetes? That’s it. In apples, or rather in their peel, polyphenols and other nutrients are concentrated which stimulate the activity of the pancreas, responsible for the production of insulin.

The latter has the task of allowing the absorption of sugars, which, thanks to apple juice, occurs more easily. The fibers contained in the juice instead maintain the level of sugar in the blood constant, preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Protects the heart

The presence of compounds such as polyphenols and flavonoids allows us to keep our heart healthy. The action carried out by these compounds, in fact, aims to reduce the bad cholesterol, thus avoiding that it deposits in the arteries and preventing unpleasant consequences for the heart (such as heart attacks and thrombosis).

Apple juice

Helps to prevent and calm asthma

The apple juice with its high content of vitamin C and flavonoids antioxidant action that protects the lungs to improve breathing in people who may suffer from asthma. It has been observed that the daily consumption of apple juice can reduce attacks by up to 40% both in terms of the number of the latter and their intensity.

Prevents cancer

The polyphenols contained above all in the peel of the apples would be able to carry out an antitumor action for the cells of our body. Quercetin, in particular, would not only prevent cancer but also actively combat the reproduction of cancer cells in the tissues affected in the earliest stages of the disease. Among the different types of tumors, we mention the lung, the breast, the skin, the colon, etc.

Fights constipation naturally

Those who suffer from constipation and constipation can safely consume a cup of apple juice a day and benefit from considerable benefits. The apple, as a fruit, contains a certain amount of fiber that stimulates bowel movements; moreover, it presents a substance, sorbitol, able to attract water in the last section of the intestine, facilitating peristalsis.

Apple cider

Apple cider

The apple cider, obtained as the beer from alcoholic fermentation, is an ancient beverage widely produced and consumed in Europe, typical above all in the Nordic countries and in particular in Great Britain and France.

The apple cider, usually characterized by a sparkling and bittersweet taste and an amber color, can be found on the market in a wide range of shades, tastes, and aromas: depending on the maturity of the fruits and the processing of the product, both the taste and the alcohol content can vary considerably.

The alcohol content of apple cider generally varies between 2 ° and 8 °. This drink, known and appreciated since the time of the Babylonian civilizations, was also consumed by the ancient Greeks and Romans because already in the past it was considered a precious and healing resource for the organism.

The consumption of cider and cider vinegar, thanks to the countless properties present in them, can counteract cough and fever.

These drink also have and both important diuretic and laxative. The apple cider, when consumed regularly and in moderate doses with meals seems ap bring beneficial effects on the health of the stomach and intestines. Thanks to the action of its enzymes, in fact, it stimulates digestion and helps to regulate the pH of the intestine.

Apple cider

Acetic acid, which we find in both cider and cider vinegar, proves to be an excellent adjuvant for diabetics, to keep blood sugar under control and to reduce the desire for sweets. This also limits the absorption of fat in the body. However, it is true that apple cider contains alcohol and, therefore, also a fair amount of sugar. For this, we must limit ourselves in the assumption.

Malic acid, contained in the pulp and peel of apples, prevents water retention and is an excellent preventive remedy for edema and cellulite.

This natural drink is particularly rich in polyphenols, or antioxidant substances that are useful for the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases and for the protection of cells from free radicals. In fact, polyphenols are able to exert a purifying action that allows the body to eliminate toxins, with a consequent deflating effect immediately visible. In this way, the cells remain young for a long time and the skin is relaxed.

Cider, in addition to being able to regulate blood pressure, also manages to keep LDL cholesterol levels low and increase those of HDL (i.e., good cholesterol). In this way, it is possible to have a healthy heart and reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

According to some research, the cider has antifungal properties and therefore would be an excellent remedy against genital infections and fungal infections of the skin.

The cider is also able to pass the hiccups , stimulating the nerves of the throat that are responsible for the spasms.

Furthermore, being rich in potassium, apple cider prevents muscle cramps. Therefore its use is particularly recommended for athletes.

Finally, a further benefit of this drink is the ability to fight halitosis. In fact, it acts both in the mouth and in the digestive tract, giving freshness and well-being to the whole organism.

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