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What Is The Flexitarian Diet?

We already know that there is a wide variety of diets such as vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan…. and now to all these come to add a new diet very interesting: the flexitarian diet. In this article, we will explain what the flexitarian diet is and what benefits it has.

What is Flexitarian?

The followers of the diet flexitarian basically are people who follow a diet practically vegetarian, but that sometimes also consume some products of animal origin like fish, birds, meats or seafood.

In other words, the usual diet is based on vegetables and fruits, but occasionally, if you feel like it, you can eat meat or fish without feeling guilty about it.

What Is The Flexitarian Diet?

It is estimated that this style of diet is composed more or less 80% by a vegetarian diet and 20% by-products of animal origin. In other words, the basic difference is in that 20% of meat and fish consumption.

One of the great advantages of this diet is that flexitarians can organize the diet to their liking, without renouncing the small pleasures of taking small amounts of meat, thus providing the body with proteins of animal origin, which is the main lack of vegetarian diets.

In this diet tend to include seeds such as flaxseed, which are satiating and also provide a lot of fiber, so they go well for those who have constipation problems. As for meats, white ones are preferred over red ones.

What Is The Flexitarian Diet?

Benefits of the flexitarian diet

This diet really is quite beneficial and in principle has no contraindications. We already know all the benefits of fruits and vegetables for health, combined with the necessary contribution of proteins of animal origin

As if this were not enough, this diet regulates the weight, so it allows you to lose weight without going hungry and is also respectful with the environment. Do you dare to follow the flexitarian diet?

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