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Why Single Sign-on Services Are Important For Businesses

The economy is fueled by thousands of small businesses. Every industry yields thousands more every few years. However, while they all may be unique and skilled at their particular niche, managing IT and how employees access their information, oftentimes fall by the wayside even though IT infrastructure is hugely important to a company’s cybersecurity, especially when it comes to how employees of the company access their information. Programs, such as single sign-on or SSO for business programs, are something that all companies should consider.

A Blend of Staff and Contractors Increases the Need for SSO

Most businesses work with less than 500 staff, whether employees or contractors. They typically work with different types of equipment, as a result of each using their own device. This can create a cybersecurity nightmare for IT administration, with so many different tools involved all tapping into the same network. It’s also a recipe for a security problem.

The first step any small business can take is to shore up the access points for its network. This is possible with single sign-on access logins. Not only does SSO simplify the approach to profile authentication for different software tools, it can easily be meshed with cloud networks and related portfolios of assets. It’s also highly effective for quick management of adding, modifying or deleting access instead of having to do the same repeatedly for multiple tools. This makes the management of employees and contractors that much simpler.

Other Benefits of Staying On Top of Cybersecurity

Small and medium business IT management also keeps small businesses on par and up to date with the latest changes and software tools available. A common problem with traditional small businesses was the inability to afford big enterprise systems. Instead, IT management through cloud scalability can provide the same network benefits and infrastructure without the cost. Flexible allocation of needs keeps the cost per person instead of a gigantic sunk cost that isn’t needed. Many providers for tools like these offer competitive pricing that can fit your budget.

Security with IT management is far better as well. Most small- to medium-sized businesses simply don’t have the depth or expertise on-hand to deal with today’s digital security needs. Unless the business has a person literally trained in IT security, the better approach is to rely on IT management for the same. This brings in the expertise, again on a scalable level, and lets the business team focus on what they do best instead.


No question, SSO and other key components of IT management make lean, efficient sense for businesses of all sizes. It puts small companies on par with big corporate enterprises without the deep internal management commitment and with far less cost.

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