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YI home camera review: Full analysis of 2 in 1

Today we bring you again a product of the YI Technology family, the YI home camera review with a striking format. An attractive 2 in 1 pack of cameras for the home. The cameras via wifi that we can control with the Smartphone have become an excellent accessory with many utilities. And many options exist today in the market. 

A few weeks ago we were able to try out the YI Cloud Dome Camera 1080. A handy option that as we saw offered excellent performance. On this occasion, the possibilities are doubled. With this pack, we multiply the functionality that these devices can offer us.

YI home camera review

YI home camera review

We have already seen with several accessories of the firm YI Technology. The YI Home Camera, in this new pack, also meets high-quality standards. From packaging to the product itself, they denote that we are not dealing with any product of any firm. It can operate form all types of smartphones with YI camera application. We try it in our Bluboo S3.

The YI Home Camera is constructed of high resistance white matte plastic. The physical aspect is that of a well-made product. And this is something that shows when we have it in our hands. The touch is pleasant, and the weight seems right.

Its thin and thin body, both at the base and in the body, makes it somewhat more discreet than the YI Cloud Camera. Even if it does not have the same ability to turn, having a twin “sister” makes it capable of covering, without moving, 360 degrees.

It is also able to compensate for the ability to turn thanks to a spring that moves more than 180 degrees. By placing the two cameras properly, we can cover 100% of the angles of any room. Keep reading Best wireless CCTV systems

Designed to be always alert

YI home camera review

The YI Home Camera is our best ally so that what matters most to us is safe. It is a camera designed always to have a fixed gaze. For the business, for the home, to control that everything is fine with the baby. Or even to keep an eye on anyone who has not been invited to enter the house.

The YI Home camera is a more interactive surveillance camera than we are used. And it is so thanks to the benefits it offers us. Having a microphone and speaker is a great advantage. Thanks to those who, through the exclusive application, we can interact wherever we are.

The connections are located on the back of the camera. In the back, it has a micro USB input that will allow our camera to be always connected. And on the side we see a slot to insert a micro SD memory card. This way we can store the images that the camera takes whenever we want. YI technology also offers us the possibility of having storage in the cloud of which we will speak a little later.

To say that the circular base on which the cameras are supported has very good stability. With a base covered with rubber to prevent it from sliding. In addition to securely seat the camera on virtually any surface.

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Inside the box

Inside the box 

We look inside the box of the YI Home Camera. As we know, we find two identical cameras that complement each other perfectly. Also, we have a pair of USB cables, one for each camera. And as is also to be expected, two transformers to connect the cameras to the electric current.

The cable that we found in the box could stay a little short. Being a camera that can be used for surveillance, it is easy to place it in an elevated position. And this is where the placement of the plugs will be one of the most common obstacles that we can find.

It is a contradiction to have to depend on the length of the cable. Or the location of the plugs that we have at home. It would be very interesting that this type of camera has its battery. We know that this would greatly limit the surveillance capacity. Sooner or later it would also depend on having a plug nearby.

What does the YI Home Camera offer us?

YI Home Camera offer

Although we can use the YI Home Camera anywhere, its physical characteristics denote that it is created and designed for use “in the door.” However, it does not have technical characteristics inferior to those of an external surveillance camera. It is an excellent tool for surveillance thanks to night vision, infrared and motion detection.

We can configure it to notify us via email or through the application if the camera detects any movement or sound. You only need your power cord and a wifi connection. We will have uninterrupted surveillance of what we want to keep safe from strangers.

The YI Home Camera offers us the possibility of recording video in real time. And we can see at all times through our Smartphone what is happening at home or in our business. Also, thanks to its slot for Micro SD we can also record the images that we consider appropriate.

The CMOS sensor it has, with only 1 megapixel, may seem insufficient. But it is capable of offering us videos with 1280 x 720 resolution in HD. Videos that we can see in real time through the application. Or as we say, burn them to a memory card.

You have never asked yourself … what will the dog be doing at home that takes 2 hours alone? With a quick visit to the app, you can check that everything is in order. Also you can talk to your pet so that it calms down. Undoubtedly a very useful tool for those who spend many hours away from home.

YI Home Camera offer

As with all YI products that we have been lucky enough to try, the YI Home Camera also has its application. In this case, it is the same application that is intended for practically the entire range of cameras offered by this manufacturer. And it supposes a point of differentiation and quality that manages to differentiate it from the rest.

If we download the application, compatible for Android devices and also for iOS, then we can use the camera. We only have to connect the cameras to the current, and these will light up. Through the loudspeaker, we will hear a voice that says waiting for connection, and that is when we must proceed to the connection.

To connect them to our Wi-Fi network, the application itself will generate a QR code that we must place in front of the cameras for them to read. Once the code is recognized, the cameras connect to our network automatically. And at the moment we can see in real time, through the application, everything that the cameras are registering, very easy!

It is a specific application designed for a product. Forget about compatibilities. The application and the camera are designed to the millimeter to be the one for the other. Now you have to place it where you want and decide if you want to use the cloud that Yi Technology offers, or use a memory card.

YI Home Camera offer

What we like the most

The pack format of two makes the functionality of a camera that has no movement multiply. Well located can cover an entire room.

The way to connect and the speed at which the YI Home camera is available to record are excellent. An essential point in favor that makes us recommend it.

It is a specific application for the use of the camera’s smartphone in the simplest way. Note that there is work in software development so that the performance is the best possible, and the manageability as simple as possible.


  • Pack format 2 in 1
  • Connectivity and ease of use
  • Own application

What we like less

The USB cable could be a bit short. And taking into account the possible high location of a surveillance camera we may have to use extension cords or find the best-located sockets.

That also greatly limits the possible locations of the camera. We depend entirely on a plug or the length of a USB cable that does not stand out for being very long.


  • Short USB cable length
  • It has no battery

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