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6 Great remedies with black tea that you will like to know

Did you know that black tea is one of the best infusions you can consume in your day today? Combined with other ingredients it raises our defenses and strengthens the immune system.

Black tea is an ancestral and medicinal drink that is very popular in many cultures. Its intense flavor and its dark color hide many healing properties, among which its antioxidant, stimulating or diuretic power stand out, among others.

Discover in this article 6 combinations of black tea with other medicinal ingredients. By mixing these plants we will multiply even more its therapeutic virtues to treat different mild disorders. Try them!

Here we present 6 remedies with black tea

1. Antioxidant with lemon

black tea

Black tea stands out as a very antioxidant drink thanks to its flavonoid content. These components help us prevent and combat the aging that free radicals cause us, both inside and out.

Black tea with lemon is one of the most common combinations, both for taste and medicinally. Lemon is a food that also delays cellular oxidation due to its vitamin C content. In addition, if we want to sweeten this infusion, we recommend doing it with stevia to make it an even more antioxidant drink.

2. Digestive with mint

black tea

Take black tea after the meal is a good remedy to facilitate digestion. Thanks to its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, it is very effective in preventing diarrhea and other similar gastrointestinal disorders.

In addition, we can combine our tea with mint leaves or fresh mint, as is consumed in many Arab countries. This mixture, besides being delicious, further enhances its digestive properties.

However, we do not recommend consuming tea with food if we suffer from anemia since black tea can interfere with the assimilation of iron. In that case, we will always take it out of meals. You may also learn why you should avoid soft drinks.

3. Hypoglycemic with stevia

black tea

Insulin resistance is a much more frequent problem than we think. Among its symptoms include the accumulation of fat in the belly area, fatigue, insomnia, hair loss, etc.

To prevent and treat this condition, in addition to preventing diabetes, we can also consume foods that help us reduce blood glucose levels. One of them is black tea, which stands out for its hypoglycemic power.

However, we should avoid sweetening it with sugar, since in that case, we would make our disorder even worse. The best way to add sweetness to tea is with stevia, a plant that also reduces sugar levels.

4. Stimulant with cinnamon and honey

black tea

Black tea is a stimulant drink and, in fact, it is the variety that contains the most caffeine. For this reason, by drinking this infusion we activate our body and our mind to be more awake and more attentive. In addition, at the same time, we can take it to balance low blood pressure.

However, caffeine has a fast but limited effect. For this reason, we recommend combining black tea with Ceylon cinnamon and honey. Both ingredients are stimulants that do not affect the nervous system, as they provide us with energy and fight physical and mental exhaustion naturally.

5. Strengthener with turmeric and coconut milk

If we need to strengthen our immune system and raise our defenses we can also resort to black tea. However, we recommend combining it with two very effective medicinal ingredients: turmeric and coconut milk.

The result of this mixture is a comforting drink that activates our metabolism, gives us heat and helps us to prevent all types of infections. In addition, its flavor is delicious, whether we take it cold or hot.

We recommend preparing the black tea with the turmeric in infusion in the first place. After a few minutes, we can add coconut milk and sweeten to taste with honey or stevia.

6. Diuretic with anise

black tea

The last remedy that we propose in this article is directed to those people who suffer from fluid retention, swelling, heaviness and inflammation, and edema. in different parts of the body.

By combining black tea with anise, in addition to getting a delicate aroma, we get a medicinal drink with diuretic properties. In this way, we increase the production of urine and eliminate excess fluid from our body.

The most effective time to drink this beverage is fasting or outside meals. We can take two or three cups a day, mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and we will notice the results in the following hours.

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