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8 ways to sleep better while you plan your wedding

Take the dream the days you are organizing your wedding, it costs. Experts share ways to sleep better while you plan your wedding.

We like to imagine our wedding but what we do not like so much is to plan it. Organizing a wedding can be a stressful task and stress and sleep does not combine well at all. Maybe your nights of sleep during the planning of the wedding are not as comforting as before for that reason today, we want to teach you how to sleep better when you are in the pre-wedding period.

Stress and anxiety are some of the most common causes of insomnia, experts say. Luckily, there are tricks to sleep that can ensure a pleasant sleep in the months, weeks or days leading up to your wedding day.

Best ways to sleep better while planning your wedding

– Set a sleep scheduleways to sleep better

This is important throughout your life and not only when you are going to get married. By meeting the sleep schedule, your body will wait to go to bed when the time comes and it will be easier to reconcile.

– Do not plan anything at the wedding just before sleeping

We understand that you have to think about many things but if you work on your big day just before going to sleep, it will be harder for you to “catch” the dream. You have to be able to deactivate the planning of the wedding when you go to bed. Try to stop thinking about the organization one hour before going to bed, this will give you time to let go, relax and help you have better wakefulness and sleep.

– Make a list of tasks before sleeping

Recent research ensures that putting everything on paper can help you unload the worries. Before going to bed, write the main wedding planning tasks for the next day. So you will not forget anything when you take back the organization. This will help you sleep better and, surely, the next day, everything will be more productive.

– Avoid coffee in the afternoon or evening

It may be the only thing that keeps you energized but if caffeine affects you it is better to avoid it. Yes, it can make your day more productive but it can also ruin your sleeping hours. Caffeine stays in your body for about six hours, so drinking it too late can trick your body and mind into thinking they are not tired. In addition, with coffee, the quality of sleeping also decreases.

– Do exercise

Exercising helps your blood flow better, so it will also help you sleep. Also, it will make you feel and look better on your wedding day.

– Delegate tasks to your friends or relatives

Your family and your friends are there to help you, they also assign some tasks to them. If not, you can always use the role of the Wedding Planner to help you with the work.

– Reduces alcohol consumption

It may surprise you but alcohol does not help you sleeping better, just the opposite. The months, weeks and days leading up to your wedding, be careful to drink alcohol. We understand that you are celebrating but you should not exaggerate your consumption. Alcohol can interrupt periods of sleep and cause awakenings during the night.

– Leave your phone when you go to bed

Separate electronic devices from your bed so you will not be tempted to use them or look at them. If you leave it, avoid looking at the time every second on your mobile. This promotes alertness both by light and by the thought of: “I have six hours to get up,” “I have little time to sleep,” and so on.

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