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When it comes to looking at options for what to lay down on the floor you need look no further than the wonderful material know as vinyl. It can come in a variety of ways but the most popular way is of adding it to a floor via the sheet or tile method. It is tough and hard wearing being one of the most resilient materials you can choose for a floor. If you are looking at an area of your business that is going to see a heavy amount of footfall then vinyl might well be the answer and a Commercial Contract Flooring Cheltenham could be the answer to the problem as they can measure up, offer you choices of styles and generally provide you with a perfect match.

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What can you do with vinyl flooring in the business environment? It offers a resilience because it is bouncy. In other words they have a spring to them that allows objects that are dropped to have the shock absorbed by the vinyl. This is also true of feet and this springiness means that the floor can take a lot of pressure over a prolonged period of time. It is also very good at resisting being torn or ripped. One of its primary uses is as flooring in the retail and catering environment as it is easy to clean and to be maintained. It is also used specifically in hospitals and veterinarian surgeries.

Vinyl comes in two formats. There is the full sheet version that stretches over a given area covering what is required. This has the advantage of being able to be cut into specific shapes to fit into any area. Yet another of vinyls strengths is that it has that flexibility in that it can be cut and moulded into unusual shapes if required of it, unlike many other flooring options. The other way of applying vinyl to a floor is by using a series of tiles. This allows for a wide degree of styles and patterns rather than the usual single colour that you get with a sheet.

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Vinyl comes from linoleum which was invented as far back as 1845. It was first developed in Scotland where it was seen as a God send to many houses as it was cheaper and all that they had for flooring was hard flagstones. Using the formula for lino the product was developed into Vinyl and launched in 1933 but the war years put a stop to its mainstream production until after the war.

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