Can Laminate flooring come in muted colours?

Many of the suppliers of laminate flooring are now manufacturing ranges in more muted colours, tying in with the trend for natural and reclaimed woods. This rustic but stylish finish will appeal to homeowners who have maybe stayed away from laminate in the past, due to the limited colour options that were available.

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New trends

Laminate flooring offers many benefits for property owners and can be a great addition to homes, due to its durability and practicality. However, sometimes consumers can be put off installing it because of the finished look that it gives them, especially when compared to other options, such as engineered wood flooring.

These new designs that are now on the market give a great deal of choice, when it comes to choosing laminate. Across the flooring market, the trend is for more natural colours that are easy to match to individual design styles.

The kind of muted colours that you’ll now find in the laminate market include those that replicate the style of pine flooring, which provides a rustic, weathered finish.

You can also opt for an old fashioned oak style, with ranges that feature realistic looking nail holes and saw marks, as well as variations in the wood grain to give it an aged style.

For homeowners who are searching for a contemporary look, you can choose a European white oak style in a choice of shades.

The latest ranges, which use these muted shades, can be viewed online at specialistLaminate Wood Flooring like irwintiles. These new colours provide flexibility for homeowners and will make laminate a more appealing option, when it’s being considered against other types of flooring.

The popularity of laminate

Laminate flooring remains a popular choice for many areas of the house and these new styles will continue to help it gain market share, as consumers look for ways to differentiate their interior decor. Globally, the decorative laminates market is growing, and by 2024, it is expected to be over 12 billion square meters.

Consumers are drawn to this type of flooring, in part due to its low maintenance and installation costs, along with the large number of designs, colours and textures that are now available. More homeowners are now choosing to carry out home renovations, and these benefits will only serve to increase the popularity of laminate.

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