How to be an individual and stand out from the crowd

If you are brave enough to have your own individual style and can wear it with pride, stand up tall and strut your stuff, you are a confident person who needs little advice.  Most people just like to conform to the “Normal” because they are uncomfortable with lots of attention.  Don’t let your individuality be stifled by others and if you want to wear a bright red top with sky-blue skirt and multi-coloured tights and boots then go for it.  It really is all about wearing what you want with a confidence and style that speaks volumes to all those who might criticise you or put you down. Fashion designers like Vivienne Westwood (who sadly passed away recently) was highly regarded for her innovative and individual fashion styles and she was never afraid to speak her mind and designed many outrageous styles.  Vivienne was an English Fashion designer who was well known for bringing New Wave and Modern Punk clothes into the mainstream market.

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Most successful businesses have to stand out from the crowd and some forward thinking companies have turned to a Brand Strategy Agency such as Really Helpful Marketing Brand Strategy to help them with their branding and marketing strategies.  As an individual who just wants to wear clothes they love and feel comfortable in, you don’t have to seek anyone else’s permission or be constrained in plain, ordinary, boring styles, just wear what you want with pride and confidence, and you too will succeed.  Many male as well as female designers have made their mark on the British Fashion industry, Craig Green, made his debut as a male designer in 2013 and he wasn’t afraid to try new textiles and combinations that normally would clash but he somehow blended them together.

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These designers are certainly not afraid to stand out from the crowd and be an individual, they don’t follow trends but try new ideas and creations that make them their own brand and style sensation. Probably one of the most well-known designers from the past, who was never afraid to stand out from the crowd was Mary Quant, best known for her ground-breaking and daring miniskirts. Mary was at the height of the fashion industry in 1955 when the younger generation hadn’t been the normal target and she managed to turn the tide of fashion.

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