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How businesses had to change during the Covid Pandemic.

The deadly Covid Pandemic raged through the whole world for over two years and the business industry had to adapt and change the way it operated if it wanted to survive.  Ordinary people had to stay at home, isolate and wear a mask if they went out. Many thousands of office workers had to stay at home and complete their daily work schedules from a makeshift office in a bedroom or garage.  Food shopping was no longer a case of going to a large supermarket and buying everything you needed from the well-stocked shelves but completed using a laptop on the kitchen table with an on-line App and delivered to your door by a driver wearing a full mask and personal protective equipment.

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This era of on-line business dealings, the “New Normal” as the politicians named it, unfortunately triggered a new pandemic that was started by Career criminals who targeted any vulnerable individuals and business with scam Emails, bogus text messages and direct phone calls. It became imperative to really KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER and professional companies such as completed thorough and comprehensive credit checks on individuals, business addresses, and known associates for thousands of innocent companies so they could complete their transactions in safety.

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The business world had to change throughout Covid and needs to continue to adapt and invest in modern technology that allows professional companies to carry out thorough and comprehensive credit checks on possible illegal criminal activities.


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