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Beautiful lighting ideas for your home

We often choose our lighting scheme after we have decorated the room. Deciding what to light is our last step. Top interior designers say this is a completely wrong method. Instead, they recommend designing our homes keeping lighting in mind.

We lose the opportunity to select the best lighting if we put lighting last on our list of priorities. Lighting is a vital component of every room and an integral part of the overall appearance of your home. To install lighting, consider contacting an Electrician Gloucester. You can find an Electrician Gloucester at D Palmer Electrical.

1. Brighten your mantelpiece
Don’t forget to illuminate your fireplace if you have one in your home. It will not only make your mantel look brighter, but it will also update and modernise the room. Use sconces to highlight the architectural features of the home. You can also place a few small lamps over the fireplace mantel.

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2. Art is a great way to shine a light
You should be proud to display your art collection or photographs. You can hang art in your home, and there are many ways to light your artwork, such as track lighting, wall washers, accent lighting mounted on the ceiling, and picture lights. Art can be created from almost any material. On bookcases, picture lights can be used to highlight collections, framed works and objects.

  1. Floor lamps

Consider adding floor lamps in your home if you do not have ceiling lights to highlight and curve the space. Standing decorative lamps are both beautiful and functional. They can be used to brighten the room as well as create a stunning centrepiece.

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  1. Illuminate corners

Add a stylish lamp to your armchair and you’ll have the perfect reading corner. You can use empty corners to create a relaxing space in which you can read a bestseller.

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