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What Can a Sewer Inspection Reveal?

A sewer inspection can identify problems in a sewer system before they cause significant problems. Damage caused by settling drainage pipes or tree roots can cause sewer line blockages and clogs. A sewer inspection can also detect hairline cracks in the sewer line, which do not require immediate repairs, but can indicate damage to the sewer system. If left untreated, hairline cracks can lead to leaking pipes, frequent clogs, and even underground sewer leaks.

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The sewer inspector will also look for drainage issues, such as a crushed pipe or a small clog in one part of the sewer line. It is vital for health and safety to ensure that waste drainage is optimal. Usually, sewer systems use a downward gravity system to move waste away from buildings. But sometimes, natural occurrences or heavy machinery can cause the slope to change, causing problems in the system.

A sewer inspection will also reveal whether your sewer pipes contain lead or other contaminants. This can occur in older homes that have galvanized pipes. These pipes are made from lead or steel that has been coated with zinc. The lead in the water can cause health problems. In addition, galvanized pipes corrode from the inside, causing the water to lose pressure and eventually cease to flow. Corrosion can also damage sewer pipes and cause leaks.

A sewer inspection is relatively easy to complete. It is conducted using a camera attached to a snake line that navigates through the sewer system. While the inspector is working, they will explain what they are seeing on a video monitor. The camera will show if your sewer lines are clogged. It will also reveal the condition of your sewer system and the materials used in its construction. For advice on CCTV Drainage Surveys Kingsbury, contact Wilkinson Environmental

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A sewer inspection will also identify if tree roots have damaged the sewer line. Tree roots are a major cause of blockages in sewer lines. Fortunately, a sewer inspection using a closed-circuit television camera will reveal whether there are any invasive roots in the line. If the roots are too big, they may require a partial replacement of the entire line. However, smaller root blockages can often be removed for a fraction of the cost.

Sewer inspections can also reveal the presence of rodents. These pests can live in sewer pipes and cause a variety of health problems. So, it is vital that you schedule periodic inspections of your sewer system.

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