Some wedding dresses with ruffles: the trend of 2019

Some wedding dresses with ruffles: the trend of 2019. The designers of the main fashion houses had no doubts about the trends of 2019: For the next season, the wedding dresses will see a riot of ruffles, between gritty tulle, delicate organs and embroidered laces. A trend that embraces all the “bride-to-be”, which is declined as an ornament on simple wedding dresses. Or as the main feature on more imaginative models, to satisfy even the most diverse tastes. Future brides can stay calm! Among the numerous proposals, it will be easy to find the dress that will make her fall in love. If for your wedding you want to show off a sophisticated look. And in line with the most fashionable fashion of the moment, we leave you a roundup of some models from which you can draw inspiration.

Romantic volumes Some wedding dresses with ruffles: the trend of 2019

Very voluminous skirts on princess dresses, the dress dreamed of by the most romantic brides finally take life! The major bridal fashion brands have not set limits in terms of splendor. And sumptuousness, to present a series of models that goes beyond fairy tales reaching the heart of those real women who love to feel eternal princesses. In these dresses, the flounces are cleverly used to create exaggerated volumes of sumptuous skirts, made up of more and more layers of precious fabrics. But with an absolutely delicate and impalpable appearance.

Lace wedding dresses alternate with clouds of chiffon and organza, proposed in different changing nuances. Or in the more traditional white candid. For the bride who will choose one of these dresses to pronounce the fateful “yes”, Jolie’s brand proposes to complete the look with a jewel of bright brilliants. Equally precious are the proposals of Elegantine Creations: a refined little comb that stops the semi – gathered wedding hairstyle is what you need for a look … divine!

A little ‘dancers, a bit’ twenties Some wedding dresses with ruffles: the trend of 2019

Always very trendy, the tulle will reach its maximum splendor in the wedding dresses for next season. In addition to the more traditional. And romantic models, the designers. And creatives of the haute couture Maisons have decided to surprise future brides with gritty dresses with a strong visual impact.

Both Miss Kelly and Bellantuono have presented dresses that refer to the ballet tutu in classical ballets: A cascade of Volant in soft tulle widens from the waist. And reaches the ground, evoking an elegance with a classic taste. But with a projected look to the future, thanks to asymmetrical cuts and refined designs. Peter Langner instead wanted to dare with sparkling clothes where the rouches, small. But very numerous, take over the rest of the dress: the result is that of a completely new model of great refinement!

And what about Jillian’s proposals? Linear models reminiscent of the vintage wedding dresses in the style of the Twenties. Where the thin frills are meticulously stitched to create the long skirt with a delicate train. An example that so much reminds the queen of class Coco Chanel, here is made very topical for weddings in 2019.

Royal elegance Some wedding dresses with ruffles: the trend of 2019

If you have always been fascinated by the sumptuousness of the dresses worn by princesses. And other noble figures in front of the images of royal marriages, you can not miss the trend of rouches, which, as we have seen, will be very popular in 2019. Common denominator of these dresses is the tight-fitting bodice with a sweetheart neckline that serves as an ideal base to give space to the majesty of the skirts: wide, voluminous. And with endless training, where the flounces play the fundamental role.

Aurora proposes precious models with soft ruches of tulle and organza. Embellished on the bottom by delicate embroidery, which falls finely throughout the skirt. The contemporary aspect is given by the cut of the frills, sometimes asymmetrical. And by the stratification of different fabrics. A refined mix between the elegance of Grace Kelly and the modernity of the new millennium!

Colors and shapes with a revolutionary flavor Some wedding dresses with ruffles: the trend of 2019

At the beginning of the article, we said that the trend of the ruffles meets the tastes of any bride. So not only the most romantic and dreamy. And how to satisfy the requests of those brides a bit ‘whimsical. And who wants to get out of the classic white dress? 2019 will bring with it a great innovation in terms of research. Especially between cutting-edge colors and cuts. A mainstay of Italian fashion. The Blumarine brand offers colorful wedding dresses where pink shocking tulle flounces play a crucial role. Anna Molinari, head director of the line, wanted to play with the romantic aspect exercised by the pink attitude, reinventing it in a modern way: The proposed dresses are cleverly constructed with tulle flounces in different shades of pink. Giving the woman who will wear them a strong energy charge.

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