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How to choose a swimsuit according to the shape of your body?

It seems difficult to answer how to choose a swimsuit that suits our body perfectly. If we choose according to skin and hair, we can be our best attributes and disguise those defects. 

You do not have to go with a specialist, or it has to be a very difficult task. You only have to know what your body type is and you can choose the best option for you. There are 7 types of bodies that the Public Image has classified. Here we present what the characteristics that make you be part of each one and what swimsuits correspond to you are.

How to choose a swimsuit

How to choose a swimsuit

Silhouette 8

  • The shoulders, bust, and hips are balanced.
  • The waist is marked. It is considered the ideal figure. Almost all swimsuits can be left.

The ideal swimsuits

  1. Bikini
  2. Monokini
  3. Badeau

narrow bust with wider hips

Silhouette A

  • Shoulders and narrow bust with wider hips. The typical Cameron people, also very envied by women.

The ideal swimsuits

  • Bikini with ruffles top
  • Bikini
  • Retro
  • Maio

Draped bathing suit

Silhouette V

  • Wide shoulders.
  • Medium to large bust.
  • Waist and narrow hips.
  • Wide back.
  • Thin legs.

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The ideal swimsuits

  1. Draped bathing suit
  2. Plunge
  3. Swimdress
  4. Tankini
  5. Bikini
  6. Halter


Silhouette H

  • Shoulders and balanced hips.
  • Few curves.
  • Without waist.
  • Almost straight silhouette from top to bottom.

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The ideal swimsuits

  1. Monokini
  2. Plunge
  3. Bandeau
  4. Normal bikini
  5. Swimsuit with ruffles
  6. Bikini

Maio swim suit

Silhouette I

  • Hips, waist and narrow shoulders.
  • Straight and thin silhouette.
  • No curves

The ideal swimsuits

  1. Maio
  2. Plunge
  3. Bikini turtleneck

tankini swimsuits

Silhouette O

  • Bust, waist and hip voluminous.
  • Prominent abdomen.
  • Usually, lower stature.

The ideal swimsuits

  1. Retro
  2. Tankini
  3. Halter
  4. Swimdress
  5. Plunge
  6. Maio


Silhouette X

  • Ideal figure
  • Provided and Balanced
  • Shoulders and hips in proportion
  • Well defined waist
  • You can wear your figure with any style.

The ideal swimsuits

  1. Halter
  2. Bikini
  3. Monokini
  4. Long neck
  5. Bandeau
  6. With ruffles up

In this way, how to choose a swimsuit according to the shape of your body will be a simple question, and you will be able to enjoy it without the insecurities inherent to the human being attacking you or even ruining your vacations.

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