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Different types of surveys and what they are used for

Most adults, if they have gone through the stressful process of buying a house, have either had a home buying survey or a full building survey completed on their potential new property. These essential health checks on a building determine its condition and structure. They enable the buyer of the property to possibly negotiate a better deal if faults are found or allow them to walk away if any issues found are extensive.  However, probably not many adults have heard of surveys being completed on domestic and business drainage systems by the clever use of CCTV Drain Surveys Berkshire.  Provided by a professional company such as who use fully qualified technicians to operate these state-of-the-art, futuristic cameras.

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The other quite different types of surveys are used to collect and collaborate information and public opinion on a diverse and varied group of topics.  These consist of, Cross-sectional studies, Focus groups, Mail, Net Promoter score, Longitudinal study and one to one interviews.  This group of surveys entails asking individuals or groups of people their opinions on a variety of topics. They are a well-used and often favoured method of gaining a wide range of information from a diverse group of individuals.

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All these different types of surveys offer practical solutions and answers to a range of questions. The CCTV cameras used in looking into drains, answer the questions, “does my drainage system have a cracked or broken pipe?” or “Can the pipe be repaired by using a drain lining sleeve?”

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