Fashionable School Uniform For Girls In 2019

Little ladies tend to be stylish and fashionable, no less than their mothers, so current trends in school uniforms for girls change almost every season. In order for the schoolgirl to feel confident and comfortable, it is necessary to choose an outfit that will emphasize the merits of the emerging figure, skillfully concealing possible shortcomings, and at the same time fit into the corporate style of the school. And, of course, it is extremely important that the costume should be liked by the student – otherwise the new thing will not give her the slightest pleasure. How to combine all the nuances, choosing the most beautiful, elegant and fashionable school uniform, which subtleties to consider and what to pay attention to? An overview of current trends in school fashion with photos of the best outfits will help to understand the range of sets for young ladies.

Fashionable School Uniform For Girls In 2019

Practical outfits for stylish schoolgirls

Before you deal with fashionable in the upcoming 2019 colors, suitable styles, and practical fabrics, you should first decide on a complete set of school uniforms for girls. Of course, if the budget allows, a student can form a so-called capsule wardrobe – several harmonious sets that can be alternated depending on the season, weather and mood. However, it is much more practical to choose a schoolgirl with several interchangeable things that can be combined in an arbitrary way without disturbing the overall style of uniforms. The following products will be relevant for primary schoolchildren and teenagers:

  • a skirt of medium length, sundress or dress;
  • loose or slightly flared classic pants, completely covering the bone (length 7/8 is permissible for girls studying in the upper grades, and only if school norms allow such “liberties”);
  • blouses with long and short sleeves in pastel shades;
  • several light turtlenecks of varying degrees of insulation;
  • jacket or blazer;
  • jacket vest type or knit.

Fashionable School Uniform For Girls In 2019

All products must be made in similar or at least well-matched colors, it is advantageous to sit on the figure, not hinder movement and easily combine with each other – so you can complete the whole year fashionable school uniform, allowing the girl to look different every day.

Suitable fabrics and colors: trends 2019

Choosing a fashionable school uniform for a girl, you need to pay special attention to the quality of the materials from which the kit is sewn – the young student will have to spend 5-7 hours in this outfit every day, therefore, “prickly”, synthetic and breathable fabrics are excluded. Of course, the ideal option would be a set of all-natural linen – cotton, wool or linen depending on the season. However, such materials, as a rule, quickly wear out and lose their initial gloss, which means that school uniforms will have to be changed after a maximum of several months of regular wear.

In addition, natural fabrics are quite easily crumpled and poorly smoothed, which is why the girl, especially the restless, will look untidy most of the day. That is why the most appropriate option for sewing school uniforms are mixed fabrics, 75% composed of natural fibers and 25% synthetic.

Fashionable School Uniform For Girls In 2019

As for the colors, everything is individual. In the winter of 2019, warm shades will be fashionable – dark maroon, pink, powder, and soft brown. However, this does not mean that it is worth refusing the usual rich blue and dark gray school uniform – the classics are always in fashion. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the corporate style of the school – most schools dictate a single shade of clothes for girls.

Fashionable school uniform for young ladies

What should be a school uniform so that your girl feels like a trendsetter and at the same time looks stylish and dignified? There is no single answer to this question, and indeed there cannot be – in every educational institution there are own requirements and limitations that should be taken into account. We have collected some of the best ideas for elegant wardrobe for schoolgirls, which are equally well suited to first-graders and older ladies.

Fashionable School Uniform For Girls In 2019

Timeless classics

Of course, no one offers to put on a girl’s woolen brown dress and a white apron or a strict set with a white top and black bottom, but this concept is not devoid of common sense and, moreover, is considered fashionable in the current season. Having experimented with flowers and styles of skirts and jackets, you can choose a really stylish and elegant suit for the girl, but don’t take too much interest in the office style – it can look a little out of place, and in narrowed skirts and fitted jackets a moving student will be clearly uncomfortable during the day.

Fashionable School Uniform For Girls In 2019

As an alternative, you can consider a slightly flared or pleated skirt down, straight or slightly fitted jacket and a light blouse to match. Colorful neck scarves or cute girl’s accessories will help to diversify the outfit.

English style

English fashionable school uniform for girls does not accept any strict and official styles, focusing primarily on comfort and ease during training. If the dress code of an educational institution does not require a mandatory jacket suit, you can replace it with a comfortable pleated skirt just above the knee, a pullover of muted colors or a blouse in combination with a knitted vest. In this case, the color of the skirt can be both monophonic and checkered – the second option is considered a classic of the English style.

Fashionable School Uniform For Girls In 2019

It should be borne in mind that nowadays fashionable English school uniform is not combined with shoes with heels. Therefore, even adolescent girls who are trying to look spectacular and grown-up will have to abandon comfortable boats in favor of ballet shoes and moccasins – this way the image will be more harmonious. And knee-high knee-length knee-highs or tights with a trendy pattern will help give it a bit of mischief.

The basics of business wardrobe for schoolgirls

Such items of clothing are relevant exclusively for high school girls who sometimes want to emphasize their femininity and look a little more mature. Of course, the business wardrobe is unacceptable for everyday wear, but why not let the girl sometimes feel really fashionable and stylish?

To create an office look, the girl will need a narrowed pencil skirt to the knee, a fitted tone jacket and a fashionable white blouse in a figure. If you looked at the shortened jacket-bolero, the skirt should be high waisted, and for any elongated jackets, any model is suitable, including those with a low waistline. In this case, the blouse should clearly repeat all the lines of the figure, not crumbling and not standing out under the jacket – then the image will be really fashionable and perfect. The main thing is to make the girl look elegant, but not defiant.

Fashionable School Uniform For Girls In 2019

Choosing a fashionable school uniform for a girl, be sure to listen to her opinion, even if it goes against your own – trying to find a compromise between the strict rules of the educational institution, your own desire to dress your daughter practical and inexpensive, and her aspiration to look spectacular and attractive, you can find the best the solution for forming the base wardrobe of a little lady, unobtrusively instill in her the basics of style and teach her to dress with taste.

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