10 romantic phrases to start the day well

10 romantic phrases to start the day well. Are you already fantasizing about your wedding day and want to dream? The wedding sentences  are an excellent source of inspiration to develop some small details: For example, you thought you could put them on your wedding invitations ? Even if it is not forbidden to dream, do not forget that you must always be careful about important choices. Such as the myriad of wedding dresses that you will certainly be looking for with so much effort. Or keep all the steps necessary for the realization of the floral decorations of the place of the ceremony together. Of course, with the bouquet of flowers . But let’s put the challenging part for a second and enjoy these romantic quotes.

A small gesture of love in prose10 romantic phrases to start the day well

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine for a moment the situation: one morning just get up, the first thing you find next to your usual morning coffee is a note, closed in an envelope. Who knows what mystery hides, and yet … it’s a true declaration of love from your partner. Would you not start your day to the fullest, almost touching the sky with a finger? It does not matter which way you choose. Or the occasion when you will dedicate them as the much sought after wedding anniversary phrases . But there is nothing more pleasing than a bit of healthy sweetness. We present a selection of phrases of love that you can use (or to which you may be inspired) to give a good morning to your half! Here is some  romantic phrases.

The most beautiful romantic phrases selected for you10 romantic phrases to start the day well

The most beautiful romantic phrases selected for you

  1. “Do you want to play a lot of games with your eyes and hands, your voice and silence, your bodies your skin your tongue your fingers and all things even when we’re a hundred and your hair is as white as snow?” ( Guido Catalano)
  1. “I knew that we were like the clouds of the sky: they unite, and it is almost impossible to say where one begins and the other ends.” (Paulo Coelho)
  1. “If I could fall asleep and awaken to clear all my mistakes and start from scratch I would always find myself. I would start again from the first beat born thinking and you would be the only thing that I would not correct, neither with red nor with blue. If you are not love, love does not exist. “(Massimo Bisotti)
  1. “Since I fell in love with you, everything has been transformed and is so full of beauty … Love is like a perfume, like a current, like rain. You know, my heaven, you are like the rain of me, like the earth, I receive you and welcome you. “(Frida Kahlo)10 romantic phrases to start the day well
  1. “Or you’re in love, or you’re not. It’s like death … or you’re dead, or you’re not: it’s not that one is too dead! There is not too much love, love is there, you can not go beyond a certain limit and when you get there, at this limit, it is for eternity. “(Roberto Benigni)
  2. “You took my soul, throw it into the fire, tame it in ecstasy. You have filled me with desire, now I am pure, now I am clean, I feel healed and serene in you. “(Depeche Mode)
  1. “Without love all the lights would have been extinguished for some time: Because it is this force that allows life to be reborn every time and to go from one generation to the next” (Piero Angela)
  1. “I am the tighter rope of a violin and I look for your mouth like bread and I never satiate. Heaven is an immense cathedral and love makes us what it wants. “(Domenico Modugno)
  1. “I would be lost if I lived only one moment without you.” (Ugo Foscolo)
  1. “When I met you, the first time, my heart winced, it seemed crazy. Today, after some time and intense love, I realized that he had not gone mad, but he had only just begun to live. “(Anonymous)

Enjoy the reading! If you want some more tip we advise you to take them into consideration also to leave a tender message in your wedding favors. Or, in the event that your wedding is in romantic style, to name your wedding place cards . Or why not? The phrases for promises of marriage inspired by the works of great writers are all the rage at the moment. Have fun in this vast world of love literature.

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