Have you heard of designer clothing?

On an item of clothing that is designed by a known fashion designer, a designer mark is located. Any object bearing the designer’s or fashion house’s logo may be treated as ‘designer’. Of note, original designers have died over the years and the company continues to be manufactured under licence.

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It is believed that showcasing clothes or products with the name of a famous brand would make the owner come across as having the same money, popularity and taste as the brand they wear. It is an alliance between consistency and performance. Labels emerged after metalwork was branded in medieval times to guarantee its accuracy and origin.

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By the 18th century, their names were written on their parts by pottery and ceramic makers, and after industrialization, as items were more mass-produced and exported worldwide, producers would stamp their name on it.

Clothing has now become a symbol of prestige, almost as much how you speak it communicates to a crowd.  Wearing a designer label teaches you much more than just where you shop, it shows people your level of wealth, tastes of style, and whether you’re sophisticated or funky. Some claim that these more pricey goods are better produced and offer true luxury, last longer and reflect a safe investment in your comfort and trust. If you want a good example then Mens Ralph Lauren Polo Knitware from EJ Menswear illustres it.

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