How do you ever find the time? A pressing question.

In this modern working age, we all of us have to be very good at one thing above all others; the management of our time. Time is quite literally a finite resource and what we choose to do with it and what is the constant source of debate in society in general not just in working terms. Go back just 30 years and the answer to the working question was simple or at least simpler. We. As a working society were merging from a time of the primary and secondary industries dominating the work place. To explain, the primary industries were the capture of natural resources mainly fossil fuels to power the national grid. Principally this was coal mining and the production of steel. The coal industry was located mainly in the pits of South Wales, the North and East Midlands and this provided a steady regular employment to the men and acted as a support to other ancillary businesses that ran alongside it.

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It was not unheard of for the pit to be called the “Mother of the Village” as its running gave life to so many other elements of business around it. The other part was the secondary industries of manufacturing. This was the shipyard and the cotton mills or the steel production. What is remarkable about this period of industrial history is that in most cases the worker could expect to start at 9 and finish at 5 or at least work a set number of hours around that shift. Now as we move into a more tertiary and quaternary working society this is not the case. You cannot simply leave the factory floor and go home. You are expected to be an ambassador for the group or to deal with enquires as they come in. Technology may well be the life blood of the working world, but it has also meant that we are answering the emails on the train home or texting back to the office something that we’ve forgot. This is especially true of the home worker and very much the domain of the small business owner.

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Do you feel as if you are always on the clock as a small business owner? Do feel that you have to answer every call that comes in or else you’ve lost an opportunity? You are not alone but you do need to take some time to step away and have a holiday. The good news is that with a VoIP phone you can achieve this. VOIP means voice over the internet protocol and is a departure from the standard landline that you will have had before. All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to go so no costly bills.  Calls can be selected to come to you so that you are not wading through admin. You can also be emailed directly allowing you to decide whether something can be delegated or needs your attention meaning you can get back to relaxation. With many great wholesale voip termination provider rates, like those you can find at  it could change your business work life balance forever.

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Hi, I am Russell Wilson; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor, and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety.

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