The Best Car Seat Covers To Protect Your Auto Upholstery

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When you buy that new car and want to protect your seats from wear and tear, or you want to spruce up your old car, the best car seat covers make it simple and easy to both protect your seats and also give your seats a new lease on life. Auto seat covers come in various styles, materials, and sizes. These are all aspects you need to consider when selecting your auto seats. To help you make the decision of which auto seat covers will be best for your car.

We have taken a look at a number of different car seat covers available and, after extensive research, have determined a top ten list. We review each of these ten options giving you the inside track on each so that you can decide which universal or custom seat cover will suit both your car and yourself. So let’s take a look at what is available and how they can complement your auto seats and protect them from children, dogs, and other hazards.

What to Look for When Buying Car Seat Covers

best car seat covers

If you want to give your auto seats a make-over and hide ugly tears or stains, or if you simply want to protect the seats of your new car and thereby maintain its resale value, a top universal or custom seat cover will do the job. When you are looking at selecting the right auto seat cover for your car you need to take a few aspects into consideration.

The type of material used is an important aspect, as well as the fit of the car seat cover and its dimensions. There are a number of different options on the market and you will have to consider what you need before making your selection, you also need to consider what kind of auto seats you have, whether they are split back, bench seat, bucket seats or something different.


top car seat covers

There are a number of different options here. Many times it will not only be the color of the auto seat cover material that will influence your decision but also if they contain any patterns, their textures and of course the cost. Fabric seat covers are generally the cheapest auto seat covers on the market. This is a great option if you want to spruce up your car seats without spending huge amounts of money. Nylon, polyester, and canvas seat cover materials are popular in auto seat covers.

But if you are looking for a unique auto seat cover you can consider denim or corduroy. Fabric seat covers will need to be cleaned more often than other materials, they are also prone to staining from spills. Leather car seat covers, on the other hand, tend to be more pricey. You can get a number of different styles and finishes when looking at leather seat covers, but there are not as many as fabric car seat covers.

The leather is a very durable material and it is easy to clean and maintain. Leather also resists stains and spills better than your fabric options. Although cleaning is easy you may require specialized cleaning materials which can be expensive. The leather is a high-end seat cover which can be expensive, however, the value you get from leather will pay for itself when looking to resell your vehicle. You may also see leatherette seat covers. A leatherette seat is known as a synthetic material and makes a great set of seat covers.


the car seat covers

The best custom fit seat covers are the fitted auto seat covers. These types of seat covers offer a customized look and superb protection. They may be a little more expensive, however, they offer a tight fit that will not leave your seats exposed in many areas. They also tend to give the look of authenticity, like they were made for the vehicle and not an aftermarket accessory.

These custom designed fit seat covers come in various different materials, styles, colors, textures, and patterns. They are also available in specialty designs suited to accommodate children, pets or that family summer holiday road trip.

Car seat covers universal style tend to be a little less expensive and are designed to fit most vehicles on the road without having to have a custom designed fitting. They come in various styles, colors, and materials from leather to fabric. These are the most popular auto seat covers on the market.

They are designed to protect your auto seats from damage or cover up any damage that may already be there, and they are easily available in various stores and online stores such as Amazon.


Car seat covers are extremely popular. The main reason for acquiring car seat covers is to protect your vehicle’s seats from damage. They are also important to have if you want to ensure your cars resale value when you want to upgrade or trade your car in. You can use them to protect your new cars seats or spruce up your old cars already damaged seats. Stains, tears, and rips in auto seats can be avoided if you have a car seat to protect your original auto seat fabric.

When you have children, having a car seat protector, especially in the rear of the car is a great idea. Children tend to mess when eating or drinking in the car and you also protect your auto seat from unexpected sickness. Then there are the people who have animals.

People who have pets and like to take them along when traveling need auto seat covers to protect from pet claws and hair.

No matter what type of auto seat you select, what type of material you choose or what brand or style you want, having a universal or custom seat cover will ensure that you can protect your original auto seats and add to the resale value of your car.

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