How to Cuddle Up with Valentine’s Day Pillows

Cuddling is a great way to share intimacy and comfort with your partner. However, it can be difficult to find the right cuddle position. That’s why we’ve created this list of Valentine’s Day pillows that will help you create the perfect snuggle space for you and your partner.

How to Cuddle Up with Valentine’s Day Pillows?

Cuddling up with Valentine’s Day pillows is a great way to relax and get cozy. Pillows are soft, comfortable, and make the perfect alternative for a real person. They can be used to make you feel safe and secure.

Pillows have been used since ancient times as a tool for comfort or companionship. Today, they’re still one of the best ways to cuddle up with valentine’s day pillows!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this year it falls on Tuesday 14th February (tomorrow). If you want something special for your special someone then why not get them some Valentine’s Day pillows? Or maybe you’d like some for yourself? Either way, there are plenty of options available out there so I’m sure you’ll find something that suits both your needs AND budget!

Fill a Headboard

Fill your headboard with pillows. If you and your partner are comfortable snuggling up on bed, try filling the headboard with pillows of different colors and patterns. Go for a mix of soft and firm pillows that will support your head and neck as well as offer plenty of support for your arms when you’re cuddling up with each other.

On the Sofa

You don’t have to be in bed to snuggle up. In the living room, on your couch or futon with your sweetheart, you can use some pillows to create a nest for two. A throw is great for keeping warm and creating a cozy environment. Use smaller pillows as props: place one behind your head or under your knees and another one between you and your partner. You’ll feel like you’re lounging in a five-star hotel!

In Front of the Fireplace

Pillows are a great way to cuddle up on the couch, bed and anywhere else you might like to get cozy. You can also use them while sitting in front of the fireplace as you relax with your sweetheart on a cold winter evening.

If you want to add some extra romance to your Valentine’s Day, try putting one or two pillows on either side of you while sitting together in front of the fire. Once they’re positioned correctly, make sure that both of you are comfortable before going any further!

On the Couch

  • For each person, use a pillow to prop up their head and neck. This will keep them from falling asleep and also turn the cuddle session into a more intimate experience.
  • Use one of these pillows for your back support as well. You don’t want to strain your lower back by leaning over onto your partner or curling up into them too tightly, so make sure you’re getting ample support while keeping yourself open to the rest of the world, including your significant other!
  • Place another pillow under each of your legs when sitting on the couch together—this will prevent numbness in any one area (like the feet), which can be especially annoying after an extended period of time spent snuggling with someone else.

Of course, if it’s just not possible for both people comfortably fit on this type of furniture then maybe consider getting some bigger cushions instead!

On the Loveseat

Pillows can be a great way to create a barrier between the two of you. Just toss some on the couch, stack them up around your legs, and watch as they keep him or her from leaning into your side.

You want some physical space between yourself and what’s on the screen (or just in general), put down some pillows strategically so that they form a barrier between you and whatever else is going on in the room. You’ll feel more cozy and safe with all of those soft cushy things surrounding you!

Dogs are adorable but sometimes they’re just too close for comfort when sitting next to someone on the couch. To avoid feeling like their breath is right in your face all night long, simply put down some small cushions next to where each person will sit. This will ensure that they stay far enough away from each other so no one has to worry about being uncomfortable with how close they are sitting together!

On your Bed

Now that you’ve chosen your pillow, let’s get started on actually arranging it. When placing a big decorative pillow in the middle of your bed (or at least one of them), keep in mind that you want to make sure it suits the style and personality of your room. A single or double-sized decorative pillow can serve as a great accent piece for any space, but if you have a smaller bed frame and need something super soft, consider using a small decorative pillow instead.

When positioning multiple pillows around the headboard, remember that different sizes will appear larger or smaller depending on how far away they are from where you’re sitting. So be mindful when tossing out options based solely on their measurements! A large overstuffed square might look overly bulky next to an average sized square while two smaller squares could appear more balanced than just one larger square would do alone; however this will depend largely upon personal preference since everyone’s tastes differ slightly when it comes down to aesthetics such as these.


Cuddling up with a Valentine’s Day pillow is the perfect way to spend time with someone you love. Use these ideas to create your own special atmosphere and make your home feel like a romantic getaway.

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