Wedding hats accessories: 7 brides for 7 hats

Wedding hats accessories: 7 brides for 7 hats. Do you want to enrich your wedding hairstyle with a headgear instead of the classic veil? Then it is appropriate to say “Chapeau!” Wearing a hat on your wedding day is a great style choice that denotes a strong and whimsical personality. In this article, we show 7 types of wedding hats to guide you in choosing the right one based on the mood of your wedding and all ‘ wedding dress you will wear.

Premise: the hat of a bridal outfit will have to go en pendant with the gown style wedding but not necessarily with its fabric; freeway than to headgears of different colors and different invoice, for a further touch of originality.

1. Panama hat for the rustic chic weddingWedding hats accessories: 7 brides for 7 hats

Ernest Hemingway teaches: Panama, a hat made eternal by the writer of “The old man and the sea”, as well as a now unisex icon, finally arrives in the bridal look! From Marylise’s catwalk in the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week to numerous other 2019 wedding dress catalogs, the Panama hat becomes the star of innovative looks, designed for those brides who want to combine tradition and originality, with a unique touch of class. The white Panama hat, in fact, is now an evergreen of fashion and can easily be combined with different types of clothes. We consider it particularly suitable for outdoor style wedding rustic chic that takes place by the day.

2. Wide-brimmed straw hat: like a star of the pastWedding hats accessories: 7 brides for 7 hats

The wide-brimmed straw hat is also highly recommended for a rural and daytime wedding. Compared to the Panama hat, this accessory is much more suitable for weddings with a refined style, where the bride wears the clothes of a diva of the past. For a glamorous combination, we suggest to wear them for short or midí wedding dresses, but it is also suitable for long dresses, as long as they do not have a long train. Moreover, thanks to the wide extension of the flap, this hat can be enriched by the addition of decorations, floral or other, according to the wedding look you want to get.

3. Hat with a veil for bon ton bridesWedding hats accessories: 7 brides for 7 hats

Get a hat with a veil and it’s immediately bon ton! If you wear a vintage wedding dress, the hat with a veil will be the icing on the cake. There are all types and shapes, small, large, central, side, minimal or with decorations, and with veils of different heights to “cover” up to the eyes, nose or mouth. The hat with veil is usually the alternative solution to the most common veil but, according to the etiquette, it is only suitable for a wedding in the afternoon/evening and very elegant style. Moreover, if the wedding dress is simple and without particular applications, one can dare with a hat with a whimsical veil; on the contrary, if the wedding set has very elaborate adornments and textures, it is advisable to choose a more discreet model.

4. Cloth hat for natural bridesWedding hats accessories: 7 brides for 7 hats

To give a cool touch to a fresh and informal wedding day look, what about a classic Pamela medium-wide brim fabric hat? We find an original and perfect wedding accessory to match with a lace wedding dress with a mid-length and voluminous skirt, for bohemian-looking weddings. This type of hat is suitable for a simple and youthful wedding look, so avoid adding extravagant accessories and opt for natural wedding makeup.

5. A floral cap for vintage bridesWedding hats accessories: 7 brides for 7 hats

How about a vintage cap with an ultra chic mood,, those that recall the elegance of Victorian fashion? At that time in Great Britain, headgears were very widespread, which fell on the forehead and were abundantly  decorated with feathers or flowers . A hat like that certainly does not go unnoticed, so you have to be careful to wear it with the right dress and hairstyle . For the latter, we recommend that you opt for a completely gathered hairstyle rather than a bridal hairstyle with loose hair .

6. The maxi hat to dare!Wedding hats accessories: 7 brides for 7 hats

If you are brides who are not afraid to dare on your wedding day, we suggest you do it with a maxi hat! It certainly will not go into the background (and how could it?) And will leave to any guest who is participating in extremely original and elegant weddings. It can be worn with a princess-style dress but also with a mermaid.

7. Extravagant “Royal Wedding” hatWedding hats accessories: 7 brides for 7 hats

You write extravagant hat, reads Royal Wedding! We see all sorts and colors at every wedding of the British royal family, where the hats and hats of the guests are one of the details of the wedding gifts most commented on by the tabloids of the world. This year, many international brands have been inspired by the fashion of the Royal Wedding to give a touch of class and originality to the brides outfits, proposing rather extravagant and colorful headdresses. We recommend that you opt for one of these hats only if the wedding dress has a sober and structured line and you do not expect other garish decorations.

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