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How to choose the name for your nail salon

Surely, if you’ve finished in this post, it’s because you’re about to open your own nail salon , right? Normally, the choice of the name for our brand or business is what usually gives us many headaches until the last moment.

Have you ever thought about the importance of the name of a brand or a business ? Possibly, no. The only thing that is generally thought is that it has to have a striking name and that it captures the customer’s attention . But, did you know that the name represents the character of the brand or business , and that therefore the decisions that are made must also be reflected in it?

You are right. Believe it or not, the name is one of the most complicated tasks, so take time and a lot of patience, to come up with  a name that represents you and your center.

In this post, we leave you some super useful tips, so that you motivate your most creative side, and you can create the best names  for  nail  salon.


the nail salon

Do not stay with the first name that comes to mind. The perfect thing would be to create a list with all the names that you can think of or suggest other people. Who denies you that there you can get your perfect choice?


Choose a name you can not forget . Ideally, it should be short, simple and easy to remember . Keep in mind that what we are looking for is that our center is on everyone’s lips, because word of mouth is what prevails in this sector. What we want is that the client, when he recommends us, says the name of our center, not this center, what is its name?” This phrase only indicates one thing, something we are doing wrong!


the name for your nail salon

Use words that you can give your future clients, a slight idea about what your center offers . For example, if what you are going to open is a nail salon , use words, verbs or nouns, which have a relationship with nails, manicures, pedicures, beauty, art, etc. In this way, there will be no doubt about what you offer.

 Next, I’ll leave you a list with some examples and ideas, where you could get the perfect name for your nail salon.


top nail salon

It is usually used to give a professional touch to a brand. In addition, a proper name is easier to remember.

This has its pros and cons. The good thing is that you can choose how you want, because you do not have to pretend anything, do your business in your image and likeness . But the bad thing is that if you plan to call your room like you, you should not use any decoration.

Use a selection of appropriate furniture, to convey a very professional look, as you have done with your name. In addition, if you later want to place a franchise, try that all your rooms follow the same line , and have the same decoration , so that your clients identify you at a glance.


The ideal would be to leave explained in the title, with a word, the service that your center offers (Hairdressers, aesthetics, beauty, fashion, etc). Keep in mind, that the name is the first thing that will reach your client, therefore, you have to generate an impact . So, it is very important that you know what you can get from your visit and what you are a specialist so make yourself known!


Inventing words is a good way to avoid, in the future, that some center of competence choose a name with some similarity. This option is highly recommended!

Use existing words, nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc. And add original prefixes or suffixes. Let your imagination work!


discover your nail salon

  • Ana Fernandez, Nails Art
  • Lalola Nails
  • NailsRoom
  • Manicure and more
  • Always Nails
  • Encarnación Ruiz Nails
  • Nails Palace / Manicure Palace
  • Pretty Nails
  • Looking for Nails
  • Pretty and Nails
  • HandingArt
  • NailSpray
  • NailStore
  • Like to Nails
  • NailsDesign
  • Looking for Nails
  • Manicure & Co.
  • Sr & Sra, beauty
  • House of the Nails / Nails of the house
  • Matte manicure

We hope these ideas have helped you to inspire you and to find the name you always wanted. If you still need more ideas, we leave you here other ideas, which may serve to guide you:

Anyway, if your inspiration right now is a bit low, you can always tell us about comments! So, if you have any questions, let us know, and we will help you, as much as we can!

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