Stop doing these things if you have back pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints and cause of time off work in the UK. It makes people miserable, affecting recreational activities, family life and work. There are no cures for low back pain, but there are things you can do or stop doing to improve the symptoms.

  1. Try to avoid slouching

A major cause of lower back pain is caused by poor posture. Straining the muscles, slouching puts additional pressure on muscles, joints and the discs of your spine. Try to make a conscious effort to sit and stand with a good upright posture to reduce the back pain you’re experiencing. Finding a good chair to support your back is key to sitting with better posture. An Eames office Chair has long been a popular choice for comfort, style and support. Find a range of Eames office chairs here at Pash Classics.

  1. Don’t avoid exercise

The discomfort might be off-putting to begin with, but exercise is the best thing for lower back pain. It’s important to strengthen your core muscles, increase blood flow to your discs and joints and boost your levels of endorphins. Not getting enough exercise can lead to slouching, poor posture and even more back pain.

  1. Stop hunting for a cure

You’re most likely wasting your time as there is no miracle cure for lower back pain. Don’t waste any money on ads that claim they can cure your pain, as most of the evidence shows that so-called cures are not beneficial at all. Spend your time instead, practicing better posture and getting more exercise.

  1. Stop lifting heavy objects

Another major cause of back pain is heavy lifting and incorrect lifting techniques. If your job involves lifting, ask your employer for lifting equipment to make it easier or get someone to help you. You should also have received training in correct lifting and handling.

  1. Avoid repetitive bending

Bending forwards frequently and repetitively is another cause of lower back strain. It puts extra pressure on the discs, leading to pain and aching. Try to limit this activity or engage in exercises that focus on bending backwards to offset the forward motion.

  1. Quit smoking

You might not think that there’s any correlation, but smoking has negative effects on almost every area of your health and well-being. There have been studies that found those who smoke have a higher risk of lower back pain. The best thing you can do is seek help to quit for good.

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  1. Don’t wait for it to disappear

If you have been experiencing pain for more than a few weeks, you should definitely see your GP. Whilst it is admirable that you’ve tried coping on your own and employing lots of self-help methods, there’s nothing to be gained from living in constant pain. If you do require any treatment or physical therapy, the sooner you get this started, the sooner you’ll be back to functioning normally and hopefully with a lot less pain.


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