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Commercial management what steps should you take with your client?

Commercial management is the profession that is dedicated to planning, organizing, executing and controlling public and private administrative methods , as well as handling business issues such as financial, tax, tax, market studies , industrial, corporate and organizational relations.

There are many types of commercial visits, in the same way that there are different kinds of clients. Well, although many vendors and trainers for sale have the firm belief that the commercial visit is learned at street level, the truth is that this is a half truth.

For each type of customer, there is a form of business visit that best fits the customer, and the type of product that is trying to beat. There is also a kind of business visit that fits with the different talents that can be offered as a salesperson.

Commercial management and sales, what phases does a commercial visit have?

the commercial management

It must be borne in mind that the same ends are not sought with all visits, which is why they are not always the same. And, moreover, in some cases, sales experts distinguish different phases in them.

The first of these stages would be the previous visit , also called prevision, which is the time to study the potential client. Next, there would be the prospecting or contact making, which is the first visit, in which anything can happen. There are many experts who advise that, at this time, more to know the company itself than the product.

Make a personalized offer to your client, you will earn it for sure!

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The next phase would be the commercial proposal, which can be a stage in a visit or a specific visit. At this time, the tone to be used will depend on the relationship that has already been established with the client. The best, in any case, is to make a personalized offer.

The closing visit would come, an appointment that occurs especially with the usual customers, at the moment they renew an order because they trust the company fully. However, it is never enough to review customer data from time to time, to make a personalized offer, give a prize for loyalty, etc.

The advantage of having a commercial sales management software

best commercial management

Fortunately, today commercials have commercial management software programs , as well as guides and manuals for their training. Even so, it is vital to prepare the various types of business visits, following a common line for all of them.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning as an example that there is always a pre-visit phase or analysis in commercial visits. Keep in mind that, to sell, you have to always manage a series of data. A client that makes more and more purchases is not treated the same as one that every time does less.

The client is giving you his time, give him yours!

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An element of vital importance is the proper management of time. It must not be forgotten at any time that the client is giving his time, which is why he should be reciprocated.

You can not have superficial conversations with this, that make you see a certain insecurity in the seller. Beyond this, the ideal is to invest time in talking about the offer, meet the objectives and close them. Depending on the pressure received by the client, this time will be distributed in one way or another.

More administrative functions are important in the commercial management of every company:

important in the commercial administration

The planning: it is to precise the goals, to create strategies and to establish plans to order the activities. In order for planning to take place, it must be informed about the economy of the country, competitiveness in the market and consumer data, among other aspects that are considered when carrying out the plan. The planning aims to obtain the socioeconomic progress of the company. The production of a plan requires factors that are related to specify the level, objective, focus and timing of the planning.

The organization: establish what needs to be done, how it will be carried out by who will do it. Organize indicates to pose a structure to develop the plans . Without the process of the organization, the planning could not be fulfilled, that is why they go hand in hand to achieve the objectives proposed by the company.

Execution: direct the people involved and solve the problems. In the execution, the human resource is fundamental to carry out the work within the company, that is why a favorable relationship must be created between the workers and the company so that the result is projected.

Control: observe the activities to ensure that it is carried out as planned. The tools to take control are the statistical graphs and written reports.

The Bachelor in Business Administration, is trained to analyze and obtain a general point of view of the company, design strategies, plans, objectives, audits , execute the administration, know the economic and market possibilities, competent to face unforeseen challenges and assume responsibilities to carry out the work.

The occupational field of the commercial management is in ministries, govern orates, city halls, commercial companies, banks, as marketing manager, administrative, public accountant, auditor , comptroller, adviser of small and medium enterprises.

Careers related to this specialty are public accounting, foreign trade, sales administration, business management, commerce and marketing.

Finally, the commercial management works in the services of support to the production in offices of companies dedicated to the commerce. Among their tasks are to prepare and assist in the preparation of production plans, verify stocks or take care of relevant records and commercial managers prepare and assist in the preparation of production plans based on customer demands, verify stocks, schedule deliveries and investigate the causes of delays, as well as verify that materials are available when they are required. you need and carry out the relevant records.  The commercial management works mainly in private companies of the commerce sector, depending on the size of the company, the tasks to be carried out and the degree of responsibility may be greater or lesser.


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