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The fallout 76 respec

I’ll probably come off as a little biased at first, but let me start this article by saying that Fallout 76 is an absolute mess. It’s not just buggy and full of performance issues, it also completely lacks consistency and polish.

Can you get a fallout 76 respec?

The answer, according to Bethesda themselves is “yes” – but there are some conditions. To be able to change your SPECIAL points, you need to finish the main storyline. There is a point in the story where you get given a couple of points to play around with, and after that, it’s impossible to change them. Read also: What You Need To Know About Stargirl Before Starting Season 2

The respec is not unlimited though – so while some people may complain about the lack of freedom in this regard, I think for the most part it makes sense. It would be nice if they let you respec every once in a while though. After all, I’m pretty sure that character building is not something you do in a single run in an RPG like fallout 76.

Can you respec your perk points in Fallout 76?

No – which is understandable given the whole multi-player aspect of this game, but still disappointing for those who like to experiment.

You can still put your perk points wherever you want them though, it’s just that they will be locked in once you reach level 50 – so if there is a point where you’ve made a mistake or would like to try something else, the only option left for you is to start over with another character.

Fallout 76 perk cards

It’s worth noting however that the fallout 76 perk cards are actually very important for your character build. Your currently equipped cards can be changed at any time, and you can (and probably will) unlock more as you level up.

So while I may not like how you don’t really have too much freedom in terms of character building, I still think they did a good job.

Fallout 76 respec special points

There is only 1 way to change your SPECIAL points – and that’s by finishing the game. After you do this, you get given a couple of points that you can place anywhere. After that it’s impossible to change them – so if there is something specific you want to try out, now would be the time to do it!

Other than this, there is also a level up system in the game – here you can increase your stats and get given a perk card upon leveling up.

This means that there are multiple ways to “spec” yourself, which should add some nice depth to the game.

The fallout 76 characters

There are other fallout 76 characters as well, all with their own unique perks. It’s worth noting though that because of the multi-player nature of this game, none of these are permanent. So if you don’t like a character perk – feel free to swap it out for something else!

As an example I can think of Kenny – who is basically a bodyguard. He has the perk of having 500 more hitpoints, but if you don’t like it – change it!

For some reason however, Bethesda decided not to allow this for your SPECIAL points.


The fallout 76 respec feature is a welcome addition, even if it’s limited to finishing the main story line. I think that allowing you to swap your character build around at any given moment would have broken the game, but giving you points to experiment with after finishing it seems like a logical step in the right direction.

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