The Importance Of Vehicle Fleet Management

Vehicle Fleet Management is the application of knowledge and best practices to the commercial vehicle fleet and transportation operations. Vehicle Fleet Management includes the measurement of costs, analysing fleet performance and designing the most effective fleet strategies to control costs and improve operational efficiencies. The Fleet Management Software can be used for fleet maintenance, scheduling,, forecasting future needs and analysing the effects of changes on fleet efficiency and inefficiencies. This software has a user-friendly interface that allows the users to make their own reports for decision making and statistical analysis.

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Vehicle Fleet Management Gloucestershire companies like MPH Vehicle Solutions provide software that has the ability to analyse the performance of the fleet and identify any problems early. The software has the ability to determine fault codes so that you do not have to rely on the manual or technician when diagnosing the problem. The software has the ability to handle heavy vehicles and will alert the fleet manager if the load capacity of the vehicles are too low or when they are exceeding their rated capacity. The software has the ability to track fuel consumption, engine outages, driver hours, preventive maintenance checks, servicing schedules, preventive maintenance logs, service history, service call logs, and fuel consumption alerts.

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The software also helps you keep a regular record of mileage, service activities, fuel consumption, brake usage, speed and mileage. Vehicle Fleet Management is very similar to vehicle supply chain management software in that it analyses the business process to ensure effective operation.

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