What is an Employment Tribunal?

What exactly is an Employment Tribunal? An Employment Tribunal is an appropriate court or authority which has statutory authority to hear and resolve many types of employment disputes between employees and employers. The most commonly occurring disputes are concerned with redundancy, unfair dismissal, harassment and employer negligence. The Employment Tribunal’s role is to mediate this type of dispute, to determine if there has been a breach of contract by one of the parties and to ensure that a fair and just conclusion can be reached. For advice from Employment Solicitors, contact Employment Law Friend

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How does the Employment Tribunal work? The main duty of the tribunal is to apply the law and procedures of the UK Employment Rights Act 1996. This will ensure that the employer follows the correct procedure for taking the employee to a tribunal. Once an employee has submitted their complaint to the employer must then state in the tribunal proceedings that they will not undertake any acts or practices which would contravene the rights of the employee or the tribunal may then make a decision concerning these complaints.

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After considering the employer’s initial argument and their answer to any questions that the employee may have then the Employment Tribunal can make a decision as to whether they should grant the employer enforcement action. If the employer does not comply with this decision, they may be asked to pay compensation to the employee. In extreme cases where the employer has acted in bad faith or with gross neglect the employment tribunal can even order the employer to be brought into the dock and prosecuted for their actions.

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