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In the south of Mexico is the places in Oaxaca, where more than 15 indigenous peoples live with their own customs. This brings a great cultural wealth to the state, making it one of the most diverse in the country. In addition, it has a rich flora and fauna . We talk about the eight places in Oaxaca that you should not miss during your visit, do you come to know them?

Top  eight places in Oaxaca should not miss during your visit

Take a boat ride through Laguna Manialtepec

best places in Oaxaca

If you love vegetation and wildlife and marine, do not hesitate to visit the Lagoon of Manialtepec , in Puerto Escondido. Known as “place of lizards”, the lagoon has fishing villages that live there and live on what the ecosystem provides them. But if you want to really experience an experience that you will not forget, you have to witness the phenomenon of bioluminescence . At nightfall, the waters of the lagoon shine when shaken, creating an optical effect in which you can observe flashes of light caused by microorganisms that inhabit the waters. Do not think twice, take a boat and get into these waters that will surely leave you speechless.

Walk the Monte Albania

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To the west of the place in Oaxaca capital is one of the most important archaeological zones of the whole country, Monte Albania. World Heritage Site since 1987, the building houses numerous treasures, temples, palaces … all of them can be seen from the Gran Plaza , a plain that allows you to enjoy all these wonders in 360º.

Discover the Temple of Santos Domingo de Guzman

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In the heart of the city of Oaxaca stands this architectural complex that was the most important center of generalization in the state and the site of many events that marked the future of civilization. With a chapel covered in gold and a vault that contains in stucco The tree of Jess, it composes one of the greatest beauties of the baroque style of all the territory.

Immerse yourself in Hierve el Agua

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Pools of warm and turquoise waters that are used as natural spas and a majestic petrified waterfall make up the landscape of this natural landscape, Hierve el Agua. A perfect place to go with the company you prefer: friends, family or couple. Let yourself be intoxicated by nature in a perfect state and immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of this destination.

Try the gastronomy at the Benito Juarez Market

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If you want to eat a delicious Mexican empanada accompanied by a water of flavors, this is the place you should go to enjoy a wonderful meal . With countless stalls where you can buy all kinds of local products , the Benito Juarez market is one of the best dining options in the entire state.

Delve into the Mancomunados villages

the places in Oaxaca

Located in the Sierra de Juarez , eight communities carry out ecotourism , that is, they work together since pre-Hispanic times, with the idea of ​​earning economic benefits for these people without tourism wearing away much of the place. They offer hikes through forest trails, horseback riding, natural viewpoints or bike routes, activities that make you in full contact with nature and that allow you to know other cultures different from yours.

Visit the Convent of Cuilapam

best places in Oaxaca

It tells the legend that the convent of Cuilapam is unfinished because of the devil himself, who first built it , because while working on his uprising, and after warning the father who ran the building that night something was going to happen, disappeared right in the instant that a rooster crowed, leaving the construction unfinished. Soon the father became ill and died. Whether true or not, the fact that the convent is exposed, without a roof , gives it a particular beauty that you can not miss.

Walk through the Andador Macedonia Alcatraz

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The tourist center of the place in Oaxaca will not leave you indifferent. Packed with bars, hotels, boutiques or local handicraft shops, the walker shows the most commercial side of the city.

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