What is Trichotillomania? Learn How You Can Cure Trichotillomania

What is trichotillomania? It is an illness defined by the fact that people who suffer from this condition tend to have a very strong irresistible pull towards hair pulling out. The cause of this is not completely understood but research points out that there is a connection between this condition and the brain’s reward center.

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Trichotillomania is a condition that has been studied for many years, and recent studies point out that there is a genetic connection to this condition. Trichotillomania, also called compulsive hair pulling disorder or hair pulling disease, is a psychological disorder characterized by an intense long term (many months or years) intense urge which results in the pulling of one’s own hair. This happens to such a large extent that excessive hair loss is often observed. This condition is classified as an obsessive compulsive spectrum disorder, which means that those who suffer from trichotillomania have a deep and obsessions compulsive behavior with regards to hair pulling. A Scalp Micropigmentation Birmingham company can help those dealing with the condition to help create the appearance of hair in places where it is thinning or has been lost. His Hair Clinic Birmingham is one such company that you can contact.

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There are many other disorders that share some symptoms with trichotillomania, including compulsive skin picking and rapid hair jerking. However, the strong link between trichotillomania and obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders is something that researchers are still analyzing. What is known for sure is that trichotillomania can result in hair pulling out if the condition is left untreated. The best way to deal with the disorder is to seek help from mental health professionals.

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