What to wear in winter.

As  the winter months are now with us in full swing and the temperature has dropped considerably you may be thinking that it’s time for the shorts to go back in the cupboard.  But what is the dress code for winter for men? A good move would be to look at Tommy Bowe Menswear for some top suggestions. Here is a quick guide as to what you could think about wearing over the winter months.

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First of all don’t be afraid of colour there is no reason why you can’t splash out with a nice deep blue, red or green this time of year.  Just because the weather is gloomy doesn’t mean to say that you have to be with your clothing choices.  The real tip to wearing clothes in winter is to layer.  Layering is the most essential skill for winter wear because it enables you to stay warm and it enables you to be cool when you go into a home or pub.    Layering begins with a base layer such  as a regular t-shirt or polo shirt and then a medium jumper on top of that.  If you are venturing outside you will need a decent  coat.  Jeans are still acceptable but if they become damp they will be very uncomfortable.  Therefore some thickish chinos or cargo pants may well be the best alternative.

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The aim is that the clothes can be removed, kept with you, added and taken away when required depending on the temperature.  British weather is becoming increasingly mild and wet as opposed to cold and bright.  The big thick chunky jumpers are generally not needed as much as the smaller lightweight variety.

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