What’s hot for weddings in 2020?

Weddings seem to get bigger and more lavish every year but if you’re a couple on a budget then you can still achieve many of the current trends to add a touch of something special to your celebrations. Here are some great ideas to follow the popular trends in wedding style without breaking the bank:


Today’s weddings aim to whip up excitement for the event right from the off with extra special wedding stationery.  Invitations no longer have to be made from simple paper, as current trends include invitations etched on Plexiglas, glow-in-the-dark lettering and foil stamping for example. Homemade still remains a highly personal and beautiful way to make your guests feel special. Colours are bolder and couples are often incorporating bespoke drawings on the invites and envelopes.

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Wedding Dresses

Hot trends on bridal catwalks this year include all that sparkles and shimmers. Dresses of gold, silver and gowns incorporating metallic beads are top fashion right now. For a formal affair, many designers have brought back the ball gown style of wedding dress. If this is not to your taste then the catwalk has also been full of light flowing materials such as organza and tulle. These airy dresses are much better suited to a wedding abroad, on the beach or in a rural setting.  Games

Rather than simply relying on a band or DJ, more couples are introducing fun and frolics into their big day. Keeping guests entertained, both young and old is the order of the day with lawn games, ice-breaker games and giant garden games being just a few of the options available.

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Bright Colours

For a long time, weddings have been a sea of white, ivory, neutrals and pastels. Now is the time for a return to bold colour pairings and bright splashes. Green is set to be the colour of the season and is perfect to use at any time of the year. This colour is set to be appearing much more in decorative items from floral displays to table linen.


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There has been more of a focus recently on bringing nature into the event décor. Trees around the dance floor are a popular choice, fresh flowers on the tables instead of artificial ones and natural elements on the table settings like wood and stone. Bouquets are becoming much more of a statement too with traditional shapes returning and an increase in size.


Increasingly, couples are feeling that they can ask for what they really want as opposed to what is expected from a wedding list at a department store. For the couple who have already set up home together, gifts such as donations to charity or experience days are becoming popular. Another alternative is to still have a traditional gift list that’s somewhat condensed and include donations towards an experience day as well. That way your guests can choose whichever they feel more comfortable with.


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