Women’s Shoe Shopping Guide: Sneaker Edition

Shopping for sneakers can seem simple until you realize the sheer number of styles that are currently available. Sneaker fanatics collect these women’s shoes because most models come in more than one choice of colors or materials. Many leading sneaker brands also partner with fashion designers, musicians, and other trendsetters to release limited-edition collaborations. Find out everything you need to know when shopping for the perfect pair of women’s sneakers.

Sneakers Arent Just Casual Shoes

Sneakers originated as athletic shoes in the late 19th century and have been considered casual shoes suitable for activewear since the mid-20th century. In recent decades, the look and feel of sneakers made for women and men have multiplied, making it possible to keep your feet comfortable and look more stylish than was previously possible with the limited range of classic sneaker styles.

The iconoclastic pairing of sneakers with formal clothing tends to emphasize differences in styling between a dress or suit styles and shoes. Short of this extreme contrast, sneakers can also be a more natural choice for dressing down or up. The color and material of the shoes you pair with an outfit will play a larger part in determining the level of formality and suitability of footwear for any occasion than the fact that these shoes have a classic sneaker silhouette.

Choose From Many Colorways and Materials

From Puma sneakers fashion collaborations in premium materials to the latest design series releases and colorways of athletic shoes, there are more colors and materials of sneakers to choose from than ever before. Conventional standards for the season and level of formality of sneakers made of cloth or leather are no longer strict fashion rules.

When shopping for sneakers, start by considering the outfit or occasions on which you are most likely to wear these shoes. Sneakers in neutral colors are a good choice for everyday wear and can be dressed up for special occasions. Brightly colored sneakers make a bold statement that could compete with outfits for attention. The best thing about purchasing a pair of sneakers that fit well is that you can depend on these comfortable shoes for casual wear or special occasions.

Wear Sneakers In Any Season

Sneakers are made in materials suitable for every season. Depending on the weather, you may prefer to wear waterproof sneakers during rain or snow. Shaft length may also determine the best conditions in which to wear a particular pair of shoes. Sneaker boots can be comfortable choices for the fall or winter, whereas cloth or mesh sneakers are breathable and ideal for warm temperatures.

Once you start shopping for sneakers, it can be hard to stop. The availability of numerous sneaker designs, colorways and materials for women means that you can find the perfect pair of kicks to wear with clothing for any occasion. When shopping for sneakers online, make sure you know your shoe size and consider whether your feet may swell up to a half-size during active wear and the socks you will pair with sneakers to ensure a good fit.

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