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Yoga For Your Gawking Eyes Due To Computer Stress

Now say ‘NO’ to your straining eyes with yoga exercises and look fresh and younger.

You are happy when you get work in a reputed company… you are happy that you are working on the latest of technology. You regularly work for hours on your laptop or personal computers for hours to complete a task or two to meet the deadlines or even dating online, playing computer games etc. And already have chances of having eyeglasses… Does the anti glare specs really do wonder to your eye strain?

In such a lost state of minds, you tend to gaze at the computer screen for hours… you can’t afford to divert your attention from the task and the hence from the lit screen of your computer. Computer screen radiate despite low intensities or calibrations. Alike your arms and fingers, neck and shoulders, your eyes too get tired due to constant look intently towards the screen and the keyboards.

This is common with the employees of the IT companies or editors or accountants and writers who work for hours staring at the computer screen. Though the technology is getting advanced day by day, the scientists yet haven’t found concrete solution to this problem. Even with high quality and costly LCD screens emitting low light, does not solve the problems of itchy eyes.

Symptoms of eye strain:

  1. You feel tired and so the eyes due to continuous gazing at the screen
  2. Skin starts developing dark circles under the eyes
  3. Due to strain you get red and itchy eyes.

You are beauty conscious or not, it is your prime duty to maintain your health and your eyes too.

And we are sure you will do it when it comes to you free of cost. It is human.

The following Yoga will certainly benefit you:

  1. Just be seated up-straight on the chair or where you are already sitting.
  2. Relax for two minutes
  3. Now rub your two palms together. This will generate heat and warm up your palms. Do not wash your face.
  4. Close your eyes now or you can even close your eyes while you are rubbing the palms.
  5. Now cup your eyes with these palms and count 10 breathing deep in and out.
  6. Repeat as necessary

Also you can be seated as you are… and now look straight for a few seconds, relaxed. Then to your right and then to left… now up to the ceiling and then on to floor…

Slowly move your eye balls like this… and repeat. This will provide the much needed exercise to your strained eye balls and relax.

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