10 must have to live happily together

10 must have to live happily together. Some relatives or friends try to terrify you by saying that the wedding preparations are nothing compared to the “real decisions” that will only surface with cohabitation? If so, the importance of choosing a wedding bouquet will be diminished or the dilemma on the format of the wedding invitations will be frivolous. Rest assured, once you are in your new home. And you have removed the bridal makeup, everything will flow in the right way. Remember, however, that there are small daily rules, more or less important, that will ensure that your life together begins on the right foot. And will allow you to face daily life in a correct way.

1. Always together: no thanks!10 must have to live happily together

It may be the first time to feel very romantic, to have only love phrases in mind and to always think of your partner as if it were perfect. This illusion will sooner or later disappear, because the one you married is a man, and as such has a lot of merits but also different defects. So, keep in mind that under that man’s formal dress that you are wearing, in addition to the person you love, there is also a normal man who will need his own space. And just like him, you too will need to go out with your friends, take a walk alone, have that extra room to work or cultivate your interest. Do not deny him his freedom and do not deny yours: stay together, but do not close yourself in a relationship that is always and only “for two”.

2. A home that you feel yours10 must have to live happily together

If you were already living together this problem will not arise, but if you went to live in a house that owned one or the other, remember that it is not enough to take a position and place your things inside that apartment. You have to feel that house and to do this you have to work together to reinvent the environments, making changes that go against the tastes of both. In this way, you will have a whole new house that you have wanted and created with the support of each other. It is very important to do it, not to find you in a space that makes you uncomfortable in a few months. It is one of the best tips to live happily together.

3. Talk about money10 must have to live happily together

Many live money as a taboo, but this can risk creating serious misunderstandings and quarrels. Certainly, you have found yourself already found in some situations where you have dealt with money and payments while organizing the wedding: perhaps someone will have paid for floral decorations or flower bouquets, someone else will have paid the bill catering … If not you have talked about money clearly, the moment you go to live it is only right that you do it, even if the topic puts you in difficulty.

In fact, money is simply a means by which things can be done and if you do not talk about it, in the long run, it will probably become an element never discussed that risks shaking the foundations of the couple. So speak clearly of the division of expenditure and practical methods to handle the issue, always without peremptorily limiting the freedom of the other compared to the expenses he wants to support.  It is one of the best tips to live happily together.

4. Set yourself goals

10 must have to live happily together

Apart from one’s personal desires and goals, you could identify goals as a couple

-start a business together

-attend courses, give yourself an appointment to play sports

-plan an artistic project to be tackled in two

-In short, being together is not just passing time, but making it become a path of real life that also includes your deepest passions.  It is one of the best tips to live happily together.

5. Talk, talk, talk

10 must have to live happily together

Sometimes we are afraid of boring the other, of saying things taken for granted. Or we think we have already talked about a sufficiently good topic. Never take anything for granted and talk to the other person with an open heart. This does not mean that you can say anything, but you can certainly say many to try to prevent or dissect problems that in the long run would also be able to affect the harmony of the couple.

The same is true during the preparation of the wedding: if there is something you do not like, in fact, you can safely talk about it, in fact, you have to. If one of the spouses has not taken the other into account by making some decisions, it is good that they should be present. And that each of the two partners may, on the day of their wedding, put their own personal touch, for example choosing the type of music that drives him crazy. Or finding unusual wedding invitations that fit well with the spouse’s sense of humor. It is one of the best tips to live happily together.

6.Divide the housework10 must have to live happily together

The criterion for dealing with household matters should not be gender. It is not the woman who does the housework, but it is the planning that allows us to understand which things are to be done, who will do them and when. Free time and organization determine who will deal with cleaning and similar activities. Obviously, if one of the two spouses has a preference for a matter (sometimes there are those who prefer to wash the dishes rather than clean the floors) that could become his fixed task. On the other hand, if there is anything that neither bride or groom particularly likes, this type of task will be assigned once by her husband and once by his wife.  It is one of the best tips to live happily together.

7. Give space to food preferences

10 must have to live happily together

Especially if two people have already lived alone before this cohabitation, there will be many habits that will be difficult to disrupt. Or that will seem to divide you. Maybe it was easy to choose the wedding menu. Just as it was easy to organize on the tableau de mariage. Or decide among the various ideas of place cards for the wedding . But then, when you’re in your kitchen or at the supermarket you feel like two aliens. Because you probably have different habits. But you do not necessarily have to change them: two people who live together do not always eat the same thing. Or do not change preferences, even food, just because the other person does not like a specific food. Be soft, be understanding; respect the tastes, habits and spaces of the other.  It is one of the best tips to live happily together.

8. We change10 must have to live happily together

It is inevitable, someone does not think about it, others can not deal with it. But a couple is made up of two people who grow, change, evolve. Although it is unthinkable to want to change a person at any cost or to think that the person remains the same over the years, you will certainly have felt very different from one day to another. Or even at any moment. This happens because no one is ever in a precise way. But is continually changing, especially if we consider the fact that over time we know different people. And we get experiences of various kinds . Give it a reason: you do not know your future husband. But this is not bad at all!  It is one of the best tips to live happily together.

9. Beware of “no” moments10 must have to live happily together

There will be many and sometimes they will be overwhelming: we are talking about the dull days, the dark periods, the states of anxiety. When you arrive at home, remember that your partner is not the one to express your tensions. But at the most the person to talk calmly about what is happening to you. The same is true for the organization of the wedding and for all your fears. The partner is not only the one who spends your money with you to organize the reception. But is also a valid support for practical matters, such as helping you with the DIY wedding favors that you are making and as a person to talk openly to find new solutions.  It is one of the best tips to live happily together.

10. Establish rules10 must have to live happily together

If there are some aspects that just “do not go down”. And you need to set limits, set rules. You do not have to impose them (of course). But discuss them to find the best way to deal with even the smallest things. So, if you agree together that the dishwasher is better to operate in the evening just finished eating, this will be the rule. Obviously, the rules are nice also. Because they can be transgressed. And then you can decide together also not to respect the rule from time to time. It will be funny!

There is not really a vademecum of things to do because everything “runs smooth” to perfection. For sure, however, always being attentive to the other. And renewing every day your bet on your path together is a great way to make a relationship last. It is normal that once at home every day together you will see yourself even in the worst moments, not only as in the wedding day with the wedding dress. And a stunning makeup that makes you fascinating.


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