4 tips to choose the groom's suit with style

4 tips to choose the groom’s suit with style. In the common imaginary, the choice of the man’s formal suit for the groom always takes place in a predictable and almost casual manner. But are you really sure that this is the reality? Innovative fabrics, tailored cuts, and unusual details: the man has so many elements to personalize his wedding dress that it is really impossible to show a banal and boring look! If inside your couple is the woman who is taking care of the list of guests and wedding favors, don’t waste any more time and read our precious tips on how to choose your bridal gown with style and good taste!

1. A timeless classic4 tips to choose the groom's suit with style

The tradition of men’s fashion includes rules and style dictate far more stringent than those for elegant formal wear women: the complete male with two or three pieces, it has remained almost unchanged over the centuries and still today exerts an elegant charm and absolutely irreproachable.

For the groom who loves this classic taste that is strongly tied to tradition, the choice of a groom’s suit will take place accordingly: but is there a way to make this look modern without going out of the conventional style canons? Of course yes! Over the years, the big men’s fashion houses have revisited the classic men’s suit, making it more in line with current market trends and needs each season. Just go to a prestigious atelier to find a typical dress of sartorial tradition but adapted to current trends! It is one of the best tips for the groom’s suit.

2. Tailor-made for you4 tips to choose the groom's suit with style

Sleeves that are too short or excessively long, uncomfortable collars and trousers that do not fall perfectly “lead”: men’s tailoring requires numerous tricks that, if neglected, can transform an elegant men’s suit into a total disaster!

Even more, than in women’s formal wear, the men’s suit makes scrupulous care and attention to all those tailoring details that make an exclusive item indispensable. It will, therefore, be essential for the groom to know well the strengths and weaknesses of his body and find the most suitable system to minimize his physical imperfections giving value to his main qualities!  It is one of the best tips for the groom’s suit.

In order not to fall into error, rely on a tailor shop that makes custom-made clothes: you will have the possibility of making a unique and personalized model according to your needs, but above all that will honor your physicality in the most excellent way!

3. Try and try again to reach perfection4 tips to choose the groom's suit with style

It is not enough to find the dress more in line with your tastes to make it perfect! As the woman needs more and more tests to reach the optimal line of her sinuous mermaid wedding dress, even the groom will have to carve out some time for the trial of the suit that will accompany him on the big day of his wedding.  It is one of the best tips for the groom’s suit.

Have you identified the suit that best suits your needs? Very well, then make sure that it is also suitable for the groom image you want to show. Rely on a competent assistant in the atelier where you have identified your suit: he will be able to advise you on the changes and improvements to be carried out on your suit to ensure that it is perfect for the wedding date.

4. All the value of a good fabric4 tips to choose the groom's suit with style

As is now known, details make the difference for an elegant and classy look. And what more fundamental component if not the choice of good fabric to manifest a sophisticated and high-class appearance? All the materials that make up the men’s suit are of essential importance for the success of an outfit suitable for a prestigious event such as your wedding.  It is one of the best tips for the groom’s suit.

Choose the fabric according to the season in which the ceremony will take place: the weight must be between 220 and 300 grams for summer weddings, while it will be between 280 and 400 grams in the case of weddings taking place in the coldest months. Solid or patterned? In this case, there are no rules: opt for the one that best represents you and that is most pleasing to you, without ever forgetting the fundamentals of good taste.

Every man deserves to express his personality through clothing, especially on his wedding day! If for the woman the choice of the wedding dress is always an exciting and joyful moment, even for the man this experience can be just as pleasant if you keep in mind the key points for choosing the perfect outfit that you we have described. Make it your own and we are sure that on your wedding day you will be a stylish couple!

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