7 ways to say "I love you" every day

7 ways to say “I love you” every day. A relationship of couple to consolidate and strengthen more and more needs to be continually cultivated, without taking anything for granted … even during the stressful choice of wedding favors ! From the moment you say your Yes, I want you wearing your wonderful wedding dress , you will make a promise to both, that is to love you unconditionally. That’s why our advice is to remind you every day so that your love grows bigger and bigger. There are several ways to say “I love you”. We have chosen 7.

1. Message on the mirror7 ways to say "I love you" every day

Easy to make and above all in no time! A beautiful message left on the mirror, maybe written with a lipstick, to be found at any time, as in the morning when he wakes up, so as to start the day well. But it could be an idea to be found even in the evening to lighten his return from a heavy day at work, a great way to shake off any tension or stress and regain the beautiful smile.

2. Ticket hidden in the bag

Another possibility for the word love to accompany you in every moment of your daily routine may be to leave small hidden tickets among your belongings . For example, if you know that during your trip by train to go to the office you usually read a book, hide a small piece of paper with the words “I love you my love” in its pages, or even in its bag or wallet, It will be a beautiful and pleasant gift.

3. SMS, post-it, blackboard7 ways to say "I love you" every day

In your help, to be always present with your messages of love, there are certainly: SMS to be sent through smartphones, post-it to leave around by accident , on the door of his closet, or even on the cup Breakfast and if you have a small blackboard in the kitchen where you usually write the shopping list, you could also use that to leave a nice and sweet message! Keep reading 5 Ideas to keep your staff motivated

4. Biscuit with surprise

Never get tired of surprising your sweetie! Surprises are always a great way to escape from everyday life and routine. Why not prepare delicious and tasty breakfast biscuits for him and enclose a romantic phrase in some of them? Surely it will be a much appreciated and appreciated surprise.

5. A small gift7 ways to say "I love you" every day

Gifts are also a great way to say I love you. A red rose to indicate your passion or even a beautiful sunflower to symbolize its radiance, accompanied with a card in the shape of a heart in which to write your sentence of love . Or if you want to be more original and romantic, you could give him the “dream in the drawer”, or a small drawer with a blackboard on which he can write dreams, expectations and desires, in the meantime you could leave your poetic message written right there inside.

6. A symbolic act

Someone said that “poetry is an act” and he was absolutely right. To prove your love, you may decide to perform a meaningful and symbolic act such as planting a tree in your garden or even freeing a magical lantern in the sky, which must be done strictly together.

7. Simply say “I love you”7 ways to say "I love you" every day

We conclude with one of the simplest but also most effective ways: simply say “I love you”, perhaps whispered in the ear during a dinner with friends, or even while you are in the middle of a speech; at any time when you are busy doing anything else, uttering these magical words will make you remember how much you love each other.

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