8 tips for organizing a wedding at a low price

Between the dress, the place, the caterer, the announcements and the decoration, a marriage quickly returns expensive. Yet, there are some simple and effective tips for saving money. On the occasion of the Wedding Fair, we give you some tips for organizing a wedding up to your expectations.

To offer oneself the wedding of one’s dreams, it has a cost. Between the wedding dress, the caterer, the announcements and the small gifts for the guests, the invoice proves to be excessively salty. But today, who says marriage does not necessarily mean unlimited budget. There are indeed many tips to reduce the final score while preparing an event to meet your expectations. So if you have a small budget or you do not necessarily want to put all your savings, here are some ideas to celebrate your love without getting into debt over the next thirty years.

Tips for organizing a wedding at a low price

Get married off-seasonorganizing a wedding

Good weather and mild temperatures usually cause couples to get married in the spring or summer. And vital statistics prove it: in 2019, 1,487 marriages took place on average each day of July in France, 1036 in June, 963 in September and 962 in September, against 213 in January, 256 in February, 282 in March and 286 in November. But contrary to popular belief, getting married in winter or autumn is not that bad! If making this choice will significantly reduce the costs of your wedding, the benefits will also be much more interesting. The bride and groom will be seduced by the possibility of achieving the wedding of their dreams, even benefiting from a higher level of service than expected. Most reception areas offer preferential rates for rentals outside the summer season. Finally, less stormed than in high season, providers are much more available in winter. No need to book a caterer and DJ a year in advance! It is one of the tips for organizing a wedding at a low price.

Get away from big citiesorganizing a wedding

Major cities such as Paris, Lyon or Marseille, which enjoy a mild climate, are constantly being stormed by the bride and groom. And inevitably, providers do not hesitate to inflate their prices! To avoid spending a thousand and a hundred for the reception, you will be able to fall in love with a charming farmhouse lost in the middle of nowhere. If you want a bohemian and bucolic wedding, this option will be ideal! Do you prefer a more intimate reception venue? So why not take advantage of a family home. Whether in a large garden or an old family property, the rendering will finally be just as grandiose. In addition to serious savings, get married “at home” you will leave more budget for the decoration or for the animations. The only downside is that you will have to do according to the number of guests. It will then be necessary to restrict you to the indispensable persons.

Offer a unique dishorganizing a wedding

If your wedding will be exclusively family or you want to be original, opt for a unique dish such as a huge paella or a giant barbecue. You can also book a food truck that will offer a particular dish to your guests. From burgers to bagels, pancakes, pies, pizzas, and sandwiches, the choice is very wide! But the advantage is mainly the cost. Indeed, some offer formulas from 5 or 6 euros per person, most around a dozen euros. Be careful, this option will work very well for a small wedding. If you are more numerous, do not hesitate to provide several trucks to quickly fill all of your guests. In addition to being original, the ideaThe food truck will bring that cool and relaxed side to your reception area. No doubt, your guests will appreciate the idea!

Make a DIY decorationorganizing a wedding

For a few years now, the craze for DIY decoration has been proven. For their wedding, brides and grooms love more and more the idea of a personalized decoration and made with their own hands. Whether on blogs, Pinterest, Instagram or even Youtube, you will always find inspiration on social networks! So if you are good at cutting and folding, do not hesitate to bet on your talents but also those of your loved ones. Another little advice that will undoubtedly be very effective to lower the budget of the ceremony: recovery. Flea markets, garage sales … Take advantage of your free time to go shopping for a few cheap pieces here and there. In the same idea, Also think of the sales to buy your decor because you will probably have good deals. Finally, if you do not want to clutter after the festivities, you can also consider renting. It is one tip for organizing a wedding at a low price.

Make yourself the announcements

Calling a professional for your invitations is super cool but it comes back quickly! If you do not want to spend any money on this part of the wedding, you can do it yourself. There are many paper mills today that offer pretty invitations which you will only have to write what you want. This step certainly takes time but your guests will be affected to receive an invitation made by you. Do you want an alternative 2.0? You can very well create your announcements with the help of computer software like Photoshop and/or Illustrator. If you opt for this option, you will only have to send your invitations by mail and voila! To save even more money on paper, you can also replace the menus with a nice blackboard that everyone can read on the spot.

Give a handmade giftorganizing a wedding

You want to change traditional dragees?? The other way to innovate and please your guests is to make small gifts yourself. Again, no need to make tons! Choose a unique, creative and useful gift that your guests can keep at home like a small plant or a jar of honey in their name. You can also offer them a specialty of the region that you will present nicely in a small jar or a small glass jar: olive oil, cupcakes, jam or soap if you are from Marseille, you are spoiled for choice! If you want to make these little gifts without any help, plan ahead because it still takes a little time. Be careful though to properly assess upstream the costs and feasibility of your projects. It another tip for organizing a wedding at a low price.

Make-up yourselforganizing a wedding

On your wedding day, you do not have to hire a professional for your hair and makeup. With the multitude of tutorials that you can find today on the internet, ideas will not fail you and the realization – usually explained step by step – will not be that difficult to reproduce. If preparing yourself alone can save money, it is also the certainty of obtaining a result that suits you and suits you. However, we advise you to do some tests ahead to make sure you have all the right things on D-Day. If you’re really scared of missing you, some institutes offer one or two-hour courses to learn all the basics and allow you to achieve a bridal makeup simple and in the air. As for the hairstyle, you certainly have a friend who is talented with her hair and who can help you on the day. It is the best tips for organizing a wedding at a low price.

Rent her wedding dressorganizing a wedding

If you’re one of those who thinks it’s a shame that a wedding dress ends up buried in a closet – even though it’s only been worn once cost an arm – the rental will certainly seduce you! By choosing this option, brides will be able to have fun by offering the possibility of wearing a designer dress by paying less than if they had bought directly in the shop. Another advantage not to neglect: space saving! A rented wedding dress will not clutter once your wedding is over. Finally, renting your wedding dress is also thinking of your planet since you limit the production of single-use clothing. If you really want to have a wedding dress that you will keep your life, many brands like H & M today offer dresses whose prices are quite accessible. The Swedish brand offers, for example, long dresses less than 200 $, so at that price why deprive yourself?

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