Top 7 extreme sports

If on your list of “things to do before dying” is to perform an extreme sport, you are on the site to discover the best fantasy to feel fulfilled in your life. We invite you to read the seven most extreme sports.

The 7 extreme sports

Mountain bikingextreme sports

This sport has stood out and has become increasingly popular. It is a perfect option for ecotourism and mountain adventure. It is the best extreme sports.

This is distinguished by traveling long distances on very rustic tracks (being mountain we can imagine) at very high speeds, and all on a bicycle, although it is a high-risk sport.

Hang glidingextreme sports

Extreme sport with fewer risks. First, a delta wing is a device built to plan and cast without the need for an engine.

The sport consists of taking advantage of upward and favorable currents, in this way to be able to enjoy the air, landscapes and the ability to do acrobatics without any problem.

Mountaineeringextreme sports

Also called mountain sport, even, its name derived from the word “Alps” and is made in a steep snow mountain. It consists of climbing mountains of great heights and the goal is to reach the top, and of course, the satisfaction of having met the challenge of cold, ice and unevenness.

Raftingextreme sports

A teamwork sport on a raft. It is the fall and the control of the raft in the descent of a river of white water. But always counting on a monitor apt to direct the raft by the correct routes. And the direction of the team that participates and the work of the team is to follow instructions. So that everything ends as desired. It is the best extreme sports.

Skydivingextreme sports

This is a launch technique for any aircraft (plane, helicopter, hot air balloon, among others) at a height considered to make the jump from the ship.

There are several techniques for skydiving, can be opening or activating the parachute shortly after having made the jump or, for the more adventurous, the person can be in free fall for a time not harmful, and thus enjoy the jump of the two ways

Rappelextreme sports

Another mountain sport also called Rapel or Escalada. This sport requires climbing the mountain with a rope as a support to then perform the descent that is made by sliding or friction that produces the same rope with a braking system. It is the best extreme sports.

The person can control the speed with which it descends, mostly it is slow for a better control of the feet and there are no errors of calculations.

Motocrossextreme sports

This sport combines speed with the skill required to drive a motorcycle. And on rustic, rocky and muddy tracks that are available to avoid risks that dust can cause.

Practicing this activity, those who continuously carry out and are skilled can perform tricks, jumps, and skids without any problem.

A motorcycle that adapts structurally to this type of activity will always be required.

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