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How to change a car battery without losing settings

Do you know how to change a car battery without losing settings? Replacing a battery in old cars used to be simple. Unplugged it put a new one. However, the latest models depend on computers that operate everything from stereo to transmission. If the power that goes to the computers is lost, the settings will be lost and will be restored with the factory settings. This means that the vehicle will feel different when being driven and you will have to enter a security code to enter the stereo. Using a simple device to record when you replace the car battery will help you avoid these problems.

How to change a car battery without losing settings?

How to change a car battery without losing settings

If the battery does not work, the car will not start. We do not believe that we need more reasons to explain why we have to change it, right? In fact, without the battery, the rest of the car is unused.

Tools needed

  • A kit of keys: To remove the battery and anchor the new one later.
  • Latex gloves: Batteries contain acid that can damage the skin, so you have to protect your hands properly. Also, if you wear rings, the gloves will prevent them from coming into contact with the battery and causing damage to them.

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Buy a small 9-volt memory recorder

9-volt memory recorder

These inexpensive devices are sold in spare parts stores. This device connects to a 12-volt accessory outlet or your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. It has a 9-volt battery that provides a constant charge to the vehicle system while the main battery is removed.

Make sure the 9-volt battery of the memory recorder is new and then connect it to the accessory outlet or cigarette lighter. Also, make sure that the memory recorder is working after connecting it. An indicator light should warn you if energy is reaching the device. You may have to place the ignition key in the “ACC” position for the memory recorder to work.

Turn off other vehicle accessories

Turn off

Make sure all lights are off, including the roof and trunk. If the car has a light under the hood, unscrew the lamp. Anything that requires electricity will quickly deplete the 9-volt battery of the memory recorder.

Remove the battery from the car

Remove the battery

Each make and model may vary, but most will ask you to remove the plastic cover, the guards and maybe a saddle bra. Use the necessary keys to remove these parts, then disconnect the negative (or black) and positive (or red) wires from the battery terminals. First remove the negative (-) cable, followed by the positive (+).

Place the new battery as fast as you can

new battery

Reconnect the positive cable before placing the negative. Fix both cables to the battery terminals and replace the guards, fasteners or covers that you removed earlier. Turn on the vehicle key and start the engine. Disconnect the memory recorder from the outlet or cigarette lighter.

Use fireproof hand gloves to protect your hands when working on or near the car battery. If there is acid or corrosion, it could cause severe burns.

Is it necessary to change the battery?

Not starting the car does not always mean that you have to change the battery. It may be because the terminals are rusted, you left the lights or other electrical equipment on or the alternator does not work. Check all these elements and, in case you see that none is the cause of the breakdown. Then you will have to remove the battery and make the change. If you see that the battery has bumps, cracks or scratches, you should also change it.

Hopefully, you learn all steps on how to change a car battery without losing settings. Do not throw the battery anywhere, as it is very toxic and highly flammable. You can recycle it in a spare parts store or a recycling center.

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