Is Live Casino the future of Roulette gameplay?

Ever since the first online casino opened its virtual doors in 1996, continued advancements in technology have meant gaming developers have strived to make the casino experience better and better.

With this, came the Live Casino. Streamed directly from a specialist studio in real-time, a professionally-trained dealer will host your chosen game, as though you were truly in the casino yourself.

The best part is, alongside classic casino games, the Live Casino hosts a variety of other themed games and adventures for you to enjoy.

An example of this is Roulette. With the likes of Lightning Roulette and Age of the Gods Roulette spinning into popularity over the years, live gaming has proven to be a bold leap into the future.

Speaking of the future, though, what does this hold for Roulette gameplay? With the ability to play live Roulette at any time, anywhere you have internet access – will this next-level gameplay take over land-based, or even digital, Roulette?

Read on to find out…

Behind-the-scenes of Live Roulette

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and multiple cameras, you can experience Roulette gameplay from all-angles. A monitor will help the dealer to keep track of bets, and respond to players communicating with them in the live chat feature.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is used to pick up every detail of gameplay, so the spin of the wheel can be translated into data and displayed onto your device in real-time, and a Game Control Unit (GCU) encodes the video that’s broadcasted.

As technology continues to evolve and internet speeds become faster than ever, we can only imagine how these behind-the-scenes aspects could make for even more futuristic gameplay.

Live vs Land-based

Whilst nothing quite beats the atmosphere of visiting a land-based casino, live gameplay does a pretty good job at replicating it.

Gone are the days of travelling to your local gaming venue to take your chances on the Roulette wheel, because Live Casinos offer all the varieties of the game, often with lower betting limits too! You might also find games online with multipliers and bonus rounds to really spice up the age-old spinner!

The future

So, what does the future really hold for Roulette gameplay? Well, land-based casinos can never truly go out of style – with incredible architecture and an unmissable atmosphere, getting dressed up to spin the wheel or even just soak up the sights still remains unbeatable.

However, live Roulette online is becoming more accessible to anyone with internet connection, and on any device, in a society that relies so heavily on technology. Having the ability to play both classic and new games at your fingertips will no doubt make live dealer gaming even more popular as time goes on.

What’s more, some Live Casino games have already stepped into the world of Virtual Reality (VR). For those with VR headsets and online casino accounts, who knows if live dealer Roulette will take it to another level and venture into the world of VR? Is it only a matter of time?

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