Mark cuban net worth 3.9 billion USD! Who is he?

The story of Mark Cuban is one of passion and perseverance, like that of any successful entrepreneur. According to the Forbes report, The wealthiest person of the USA Mark Cuban net worth is about 3.9 billion dollars. On July 31, 1958, Cuban was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the United States at the core of a lower-middle-class family.

Mark Cuban net worth and past life

At childhood, he had a seventh sense for business, primarily supply and demand, and savings. With only 12 years old he had already sold enough garbage bags to buy some shoes that he liked. He left his last year of college to enter directly into a technical college and later went to college.

Mark cuban childhood

Cuban did not do the same thing as most university students to acquire a loan for studies. He paid for his studies by giving dance classes. After graduating, he started working at Banco Mellon, in Pittsburgh. Just as financial entities began to transfer to computers. There he became very interested in technology and computers, and a year later he emigrated to the city of Dallas. In this city, he began to work selling computer programs. Shortly after he founded his first company, MicroSolutions.

Companies of Cuban

At the end of the 80s, Paul Terhorst published the book “Taking out revenue from the American dream. How to retire at 35 “, and this was a determining and inspiring point in Cuban’s career. He assumed the philosophy of saving a lot of money and living as a student, one of the main ideas of the book. After the sale of MircroSolutions, in 1995 he founded AudioNet with a Todd Wagner, a colleague of the university, a company that they later sold to Yahoo!, for 6 billion dollars.

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Since then Mark Cuban has become a major investor in the US economy. He is known for buying and helping entrepreneurs with great ideas and small businesses that will be successful in the long term. That is, buy cheap and sell expensive. Also, he is part of investment centers, television programs, series, movies and owns the basketball team of the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks.

Mark cuban net worth

Books of Mark Cuban

He wrote a series of books on business success. Among them, “How to win in the sport of business,” “How to launch and grow a business” and “How to increase your income in amazing amounts.” Also, American cult based “winners and losers” is written by him. And in this dichotomy, Cuban presents himself as a symbol of success.

He did not have anything

Cuban usually tells that he barely had $60 in her pocket when she completed graduation from Indiana University. In that time, he was 23 and went to live in a three-room apartment in Dallas. He lived with five young people. “I did not have anything, so I did not have anything to lose either,” he said in a seminar.

Mark cuban saying

After spending a few days on Dallas he got a job of selling software. But he had no idea of the computer. In a short time, he realized that he liked computer. He learned to just schedule, he could spend seven or eight hours without taking any rest. Then he builds MicroSolutions, a business that would end up selling for 6 million dollars in 1990. An audio streaming service called Broadcast dot com sold it to Yahoo at 1999 for 5.7 billion dollars. That’s how he becomes a billionaire.

The key is to live within your budget, save and put some money in a low-cost investment fund. Living as austerely as possible will undoubtedly benefit you. As like Mark Cuban net worth, you can take yourself as richest person of the world.

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