Sean Kingston Net Worth, Biography and Lifestyle

Imagine yourself playing with your father’s mixer, enjoying all the musical genres that you love. From one moment to another, becoming an international star. Unbelievable right? Well, this was exactly what happened to this young American of Jamaican descent. Double Platinum Disco, TV performances, collaborations with great artists, and much more. Come to know the interesting story in the biography of Sean Kingston (February 3, 1990). Sean Kingston’s net worth is approximately 20 Lakhs dollars which are similar to 2 billion dollars.

Sean kingston net worth and biography

Known worldwide as Sean Kingston, Kisean Jamal Anderson was born on February 3, 1990, in Miami, United States, but at six, he moved to Jamaica with his family. His grandfather and uncle were engaged in the music industry. So, he grew up surrounded by reggae and tropical sounds.

Sean Kingston Net Worth

Also, from a very young age, he was a fan of R&B and the aforementioned musical genres. It was no surprise to his family to discover him while playing in his father’s recording studio. The boy was mixing a song from the 60s.

For the year 2007, Only 17 years old, he released what turned out to be the single that would change his life, titled Beautiful Girls. A mix of R&B and teen pop, based on the legendary theme Stand By Me by Ben E. King. It was certified as a Platinum Disc in the United States, which brought with it a great wave of fame and recognition.

Did you know…?

Sean Kingston is recognized for his peculiar letters, in which he mixes words from Jamaica with the American urban dialect. This unique style allowed him to penetrate deeply into the teenage audience. Later in 2010, in collaboration with Justin Bieber, the song Eenie Meenie was released. It proved to be quite successful. This single is included in Bieber’s studio album, titled My World 2.0.

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Sean Kingston on the international scene

Sean’s fame reached such a high point that, in 2010, he actively participated in the official’s production song of the 2010 Youth Olympic Games, which would be celebrated in Singapore. With a team comprising 5 people, each of them symbolized one continent. Jody Williams representing Africa, Stevie Appleton to Europe, Jessica Mauboy from Oceania, Tabitha Nauser for Asia, and Sean Kingston representing America, carried out this task.

Curious fact

Despite having participated in the official’s creation theme of the 2010 Youth Olympic Games, Sean Kingston could not be present at the opening ceremony because of a problem with his passport when boarding the flight to Singapore.

In 2011, along with the Puerto Rican duo, Wisin and Yandel, he recorded the song Fever, which would be part of the eighth Puerto Rican album, Los Vaqueros: the return. That same year he participated in the television series Zack and Cody: Twins in Action (Zack and Cody: All onboard android Pie; U + 1F1EA U + 1F1F8; Emoji). In that series, Sean Kingston made a cameo in which he appeared in love with London Tipton, the character played by Brenda Song.

Sean took advantage of his participation in this television series. The publicity he could grant him to promote his simple Dumb Love when his character declares his love for London. The song, as mentioned earlier, quickly became one of his best-known works.

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Discography and collaborations

Sean Kingston Net Worth

More than a decade has passed since the discovery of this brilliant artist, a time in which many albums, singles, and collaborations with other artists. It consecrates Sean Kingston as one of the most influential young people of the last decade light. Among his best-known albums, we can highlight Sean Kingston (2007), Tomorrow (2009), and Back to Life (2013).

Among the collaborations, besides those highlighted above, we can mention:

  • Beat it (2013), a simple one that has Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa;
  • Chance (2017), with Vybz Kartel;
  • Love you Tonight (2017), by Rasmus Gozzi and Lazee;

Among many other themes with diverse rhythms and their particular musical style.

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Sean Kingston is no longer intubated

Sean Kingston’s health conditions continue to improve quickly. The singer, a victim of a terrible accident with his water-scooter last May 28th, he is again able to breathe on his own. Admitted to the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, the young artist also managed to take a little walk in his room with the help of his family. Kingston crashed with his brand new jet ski against a bridge near Star Island in Miami. After the impact, the artist fell into the water and was transported by helicopter to the Ryder Trauma Center of the Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Once stabilized, he was transferred to intensive care where the 21-year-old is recovering from the injuries he suffered: broken jaw and a broken wrist, plus a certain amount of water in his lungs. The doctors, meanwhile, do not correct the roll of their last estimated six weeks prognosis for a total recovery. But Sean Kingston’s family and friends continue to hope for healing in even shorter times.

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