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Six expert tips for a good pregnancy

Six expert tips for a good pregnancy. So that, during those forty weeks, and once you have given birth, nothing will catch you off guard. It is increasingly common that many of the Spanish try to adopt a healthy lifestyle in which food, physical exercise. And stress reductionise especially important. Something to pay more attention to in pregnancy. During the forty weeks of gestation, the woman’s body experiences both physical and emotional changes to which it is convenient to adapt to avoid future complications. Actually, achieving it is simple. It is enough to make some modifications in the daily routines to adapt to the new state. Of course, always with the help of an expert.

1. Varied dietSix expert tips for a good pregnancy

As it could not be otherwise, the food during this period should be as varied, balanced. And complete as possible, providing the essential nutrients for the development of the fetus. “It is necessary to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables, reduce the intake of salt and foods containing animal fat, such as bacon or sausages,” advises the nutritionist Maria Jimenez Royo from the Women’s Unit of Ruber International Hospital of Madrid, which has specialized units in the monitoring. And the improvement of the maternity experience, such as the Pelvic Floor Unit, the Nutrition and Dietetics Unit. Or the Physiotherapy Unit, among others. It is one of the best tips for a good pregnancy.

2. Exercise yes, but moderateSix expert tips for a good pregnancy

Exercise, contrary to what many women may believe, is also important, although not everything goes. ” Moderate sports practice helps to prevent complications, such as gestational diabetes. And to prepare, both physically and mentally, the future mother for the moment of delivery, avoiding activities that could cause falls, injuries. Or sudden blows, as well as the environments with too much heat, cold or humidity “, indicates Dr. Angel Lorenzo, gynecologist of the Unit of the Woman of the Ruber International Hospital. Paying attention to our pelvic floor, both before and after delivery, is also essential to avoid problems that can lead to incontinence, pain, prolapses (pelvic organ drops) and various sexual dysfunctions. It is one of the best tips for a good pregnancy.

3. Always quiet

Six expert tips for a good pregnancy

Even if a healthy diet is followed and the most appropriate exercise is carried out, ruled by an expert. It is certain that the fear of the appearance of future complications can appear at any time. Therefore, knowing if the baby is healthy is the main concern of many future mothers. Dr. Ines Tamarit, a coordinator of the Prenatal Diagnostic Unit of the Hospital Quironsalud San Jose, explains how the fact of having an ultrasound machine “allows us to obtain images of very high-resolution thanks to which we can assess. And rule out fetal malformations. since it allows us to study the anatomy of the fetus with extraordinary quality.  It is one of the best tips for a good pregnancy.

4. A good diagnosisSix expert tips for a good pregnancy

For different reasons, a pregnancy can be considered risky. In these cases, more individualized care is chosen, in which units such as High-Risk Pregnancy at the University Hospital Quironsalud Madrid are responsible for organizing more frequent medical visits with which to detect, early, any type of complication that may arise. affect the baby or the mother. In addition, if necessary, it has an Intensive Care Unit for Neonates. And Adults, to deal with any problem after delivery with highly specialized equipment and facilities. It is one of the best tips for a good pregnancy.

5. Avoid painSix expert tips for a good pregnancy

“Sitting or exercising on a ball and at the same time being able to ingest clear fluids during labor without pain generates a very positive experience and a high degree of satisfaction in future mothers who prefer a more participatory delivery with greater autonomy”, explains Dr. Josep Rodiera, head of the Anesthesiology Service of the Teknon Medical Center. This type of technique, called epidural walking, is used in some of the most leading centers because they allow pain control with a low dose of drugs. It is one of the best tips for a good pregnancy.

6. Say yes to breast milkSix expert tips for a good pregnancy

Many scientific studies claim that breastfeeding is beneficial to protect the newborn from certain diseases and also to the mother – it reduces the risk of postpartum depression, anemia, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer of the uterus, breast, and ovary. But not all new mothers master the technique of breastfeeding. “He usually generates many doubts and fears about breastfeeding, but we try to be there to favor it because the World Health Organization itself has talked about its benefits for both the mother and the newborn, for being a healthy diet”, says Yesika Martín, matron of Policlinica Gipuzkoa. It is one of the best tips for a good pregnancy.

In this sense, the multidisciplinary work of the gynecology and obstetrics and pediatrics services is a fundamental element to guarantee the quality and humanization of care during the entire process. Something for which they bet in several centers of Quironsalud and that, for example, in the cases of Quironsalud Barcelona and Valencia, has allowed them to have the IBCLC Care Aware award, distinguished by the prestigious International Association of Breastfeeding Consultants and IBCLC. This accreditation is granted to hospitals that have an International Consultant in Breastfeeding and a specific breastfeeding program, as well as for the dissemination of this practice and excellence in care. Which, of course, any mother and child deserve.

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