The incredible world of medicine

Although it may not always seem like it, we are incredibly lucky with the medical technology and medicines that we have access to in today’s world. Much of these advancements are due to people taking part in Paid Clinical Trials like the ones that are conducted by which enable researchers to test new medicines and report on the positive effects they have on the medical condition that they are aiming to treat along with any side effects that may occur.

It is these tests and trials that have led to some of the following advancements:

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  • Printing new organs – 3D printers have revolutionised a variety of industries and one of the uses in the medical field is the ability to be able to print 3D organs for those waiting for life-saving transplantations. These are still in the very early stages of development with an outer ear and skin cells having already been created with a 3D liver suitable for a transplant reported to be in development to be available in the middle part of 2020. Other areas in which 3D printing is having a positive impact on the medical world is in the creation of bespoke limbs for amputees, the printing of dental items and also the creation of exact models of parts of the body to be used in the creation of new surgeries.
  • Gene Therapy – this is effectively altering someone DNA’s to combat serious illnesses and diseases rather than treating the symptoms with drugs. Using this form of therapy to treat life threatening illnesses like Leukaemia and other types of cancers is what make it one of the most exciting advancements in recent history. In 2017 a young boy was successfully cured of the sickle cell disease that he had been born with.

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  • Treating illnesses through our gut – our guts and the bacteria that they naturally contain are still relatively unknown. We know how the area works in great detail but in recent years the link between our gut health and a variety of other issues such as our mental health are only just starting to be understood. This has produced the interest in how altering the bacteria in our gut may help to cure conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, a variety of mental health conditions, as well as auto-immune diseases and certain types of cancers.

Newer and newer advancements are continually being established and with each new development people’s lives and health conditions are improved.

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