What is a Carry Holster?

When shopping for a holster, you have many options. You can go with an ankle holster, an OWB holster, or a pancake rig. This article will outline the basics of each of these holster types. If you’re unsure which is best for you, read on to discover what’s right for you. Here’s a look at the three most popular choices:

Ankle holster

Ankle holsters are one of the most versatile methods of concealed carry. While a shoulder holster is better for a small revolver, ankle holsters can accommodate larger and heavier firearms. In addition, these holsters are adjustable, allowing the user to find the perfect fit. Some ankle holsters have a built-in retention strap or holdout holder, and many come with padded bases.

Ankle holsters are not a good option for every situation. The most common way an ankle holster can cause problems is when the person has to draw a firearm while walking. This is especially problematic in cases where the attacker is already wounded or has dropped their primary weapon. In addition, if the person is running away, they may not be able to reach the holster in time to defend themselves. A better option is a waistband holster such as concealed carry belly band or an ambidextrous ankle holster.

Ankle holsters are helpful for small handguns and backup guns. They provide adequate concealment and promote an effortless draw. In addition, since the gun is concealed, the draw is quicker and easier than if it’s positioned on the waist or hip. Another benefit of ankle carry is that it is more discreet than waist holsters, and the gun isn’t visible when you’re seated.

OWB holster

If you want to carry a concealed handgun, you should use an OWB carry holster. You can conceal this weapon in several ways, including a sports coat or suit jacket. OWB holsters are designed to be worn behind the waist, so you won’t be able to see them when you raise your arms. However, this style of carrying may not be practical in some areas, such as public parks and federal buildings. To make sure your OWB holster will be hidden, try wearing a shirt over your gun and move around while wearing it.

Another essential feature of an OWB carry holster is its adjustable retention. You can adjust the tightness of the retention depending on your belt size. OWB holsters are also easy to clean and maintain. You should buy a high-quality OWB holster to ensure its longevity.

You can also wear your OWB holster with your clothes. For example, a button-up can be worn unbuttoned, hiding the OWB holster. 

Pancake holster

A pancake carry holster holds your handgun securely and comfortably, even when not wearing a shirt or jacket. Most pancake holsters are molded to fit specific types of guns, so it is essential to check the gun compatibility list before purchasing. If you’re carrying your handgun in public places, choose one that will hold it securely and comfortably no matter what activity you’re engaged in.

The pancake holster features three magazine pouches for quick reloading and concealment. It also features an adjustable snap and a sturdy Velcro closure. It is designed to fit inside your waistband, your belt, or your pants pocket. Because of its design, the Pancake holster is adjustable in two different positions, and its reinforced thumb break helps you draw your handgun quickly when necessary. In addition, the flexible snap allows you to choose the most comfortable fit for your hand.

A pancake holster is made of full-grain leather to keep your gun secure while providing comfort and leverage for everyday use. It is made to fit a belt up to one and a half inches wide. The design makes it easy to access your gun from anywhere. The pancake holster is best for right-handed shooters, though. Designed to fit a wide range of guns, the pancake is one of the most versatile carry holsters.

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