Where Is Festival Of The Little Hills?

The Festival of the Little Hills is a cultural festival celebrated every year in India. The fest is celebrated on the first day of the Magh, or Hindu month of Phalgun, from mid-January to mid-February, mainly in Maharashtra and Gujarat. It commemorates the victory of Shivaji over Adilshah II in 1674 at Pratapgarh Fort during the Third Battle of Panipat.

What is the festival of the little hills?

The festival, named the ‘Festival of The Little Hills’, celebrates Shivaji who was a Chhatrapati or King of the Late 16th century. Shivaji was an Indian warrior-king of the Maratha Empire who, along with his expansionist policy of “jumla” (military deception) formed a confederacy against the Mughals. He ruled over roughly 4 million people during his lifetime and assumed complete supreme power in 17sshavaswaadi, or January 1658 CE at Raigad Fort thus forming Maharashtra as a separate political entity from Bijapur. He is also the Hindu warlord who wanted an Independent Maharashtra state in India. There are many prominent legends about Shivaji including:

The Maratha Warriors During Shivajis reign, he fought against Jafar Khan Lodi Third Battle of Panipat The defeat and death of Adilshah II at Pratapgarh (Battle Of Pratapgarh), in 1674 (Third Battle of Panipat) All the battles fought against Adilshah at Prabhadevi, Malalunga and Khardari on his way back from Deccan.

His motto was “Bewafa Nahi Bewafai” or be without fear or without hesitation The Empire: Shahaji II leads a life of luxury in comparison to Shivajis hard working.  Shiv aji considered it unbecoming to the warrior class (Maratha warriors) and say be without fear or without hesitation.

Why do we celebrate such festival?

The formation of Maratha empire has brought hope, inspiration and motivation for almost everyone in India. At a time when there were so many feuds. Shivaji united his people, gave them pride and blessed with a sense of unity against external threats(Muslim invaders). Plus every household celebrates this it’s a eve of victory.   The bravery of Mughals in their attack were struck down by this great man Shivaji and his army beat down at last the mighty Muslim Empire . Moreover he is an inspirational Hero who gave us an idea that unity for overall development can win over all odds!

When is it and where can I see it?

The festival-Parati Shivotsav is celebrated on the 10th day of the dark moon (nishtha) in Bhadrapada rang vijay panchami that falls during the month of October. There are more celebrations this time because Maharashtra has now been renamed to Maha Gaurav Utsava .Wherever you may be,you can see Marathi people dancing and singing

Her bold actions not only changed the course of Maratha history but also brought about a dramatic change in India’s destiny. It has been said that she saved her country, spared not a single enemy and had such greatness that even today there is no other woman across the world who affects so many lives as Queen Raibali did. When they sing our praises, their hearts are filled with pride at their fortunate past.


The festival of the little hills is a celebration of childhood and nature. It has been held annually since 2011 in the foothills of Shimla, India. Festivals are a time for people to come together, relax and have fun. The hills offer a perfect backdrop for festivals like this one.

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