Best Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas for Best Friend

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, and there’s no better way to show your BFF how much they mean to you than with a thoughtful gift basket. A gift basket allows you to give them a variety of treats, goodies, and other fun items all wrapped up in one beautiful package.

When trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift basket for your bestie, it’s important to think about their unique interests, likes, and personality. Tailor the basket’s theme and contents around things you know they will absolutely adore. You can make DIY gift baskets yourself or order pre-made ones to save time. Either way, your best friend will feel so loved when they receive such a personalized present.

Here are some amazing Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas to inspire you:

Spa Gift Basket

Spa Gift Basket

What better way to help your bestie relax and recharge than with a soothing self-care spa gift basket? Look for a pretty basket or box and fill it with:

  • Luxurious bath bombs, bath salts, or bubble bath
  • Soft towels and slippers
  • Scented candles
  • Face masks
  • Lotion or body butter
  • Lip balm
  • Fluffy robe or eye mask
  • Manicure set with nail polish
  • Relaxing essential oils
  • Herbal tea sachets
  • Chocolate truffles

Add a sweet handwritten card telling your BFF how much you appreciate them. This spa gift basket is perfect for helping them unwind and practice self-love.

Movie Night Gift Basket

For the friend who loves movies, make a movie night gift basket filled with cozy and fun treats to enjoy during film marathons. Include:

  • Soft blankets and pillows
  • Popcorn and popcorn seasoning
  • Movie theater style candy
  • Nacho chips and cheese sauce
  • Sodas or drinks
  • Gift cards for movie streaming services
  • Comedy, romance or action DVDs of their favorite movies
  • Microwaveable popcorn bowls
  • Fun drink straws and cup holders

Pair this gift basket with a bottle of wine and some comfy new pajamas for an even more indulgent movie experience. It’s sure to take their at-home film viewing to the next level!

Coffee and Tea Gift Basket

Know a bestie who can’t live without their daily caffeine fix? Delight them with a coffee and tea themed gift basket. Brew up some happiness by including:

  • Assorted coffee beans or grounds
  • Exotic loose leaf teas
  • Tea infuser
  • Cute mugs or tumblers
  • Fancy syrups or creamers
  • Biscotti, cinnamon rolls or muffins
  • Chocolate covered coffee beans
  • Starbucks or local coffee shop gift card
  • Coffee table books

Add a personalized cup or Thermos with their name on it for an extra thoughtful touch. This gift basket makes mornings more magical.

Baking Gift Basket

The way to your BFF’s heart just might be through their sweet tooth. Satisfy their cravings with a baking-themed gift basket filled with:

  • Sprinkles, decorating icing or fondant
  • Pie tins, cupcake liners, and other baking supplies
  • Measuring spoons, cups, and mixing bowls
  • Recipe books or cards for cakes, cookies, pies, etc.
  • Baking utensils like spatulas, whisks, and wooden spoons
  • Extracts like vanilla, almond, or maple
  • Cute oven mitts and aprons
  • Chocolates, caramels or candy making kits

Top it off with a gift card to their favorite bakery. Now your bestie can whip up tasty homemade treats for you to sample!

Pampering Gift Basket

Help your hardworking bestie slow down and treat themselves with a pampering gift basket. Include little luxuries like:

  • Fuzzy slippers
  • Scented lotions or bath bombs
  • Face masks
  • Cozy robe, socks, or pajamas
  • Pretty jewelry like earrings or a bracelet
  • Scented candles
  • Box of chocolates or chocolate covered fruits
  • Bubble bath
  • Nail polish and manicure set
  • Wine or champagne
  • Adult coloring book and pens
  • Gift card for a massage or salon treatment

Encourage your best friend to take some “me time” and relax with this thoughtful gift. They’ll feel refreshed in no time.

Fitness Gift Basket

Get your fitness loving bestie pumped for their workout goals with an encouraging gift basket. Include:

  • New workout gear like leggings, tank tops, socks, etc.
  • Trendy water bottle
  • Protein bars or protein powder
  • Exercise bands and small weights
  • Jump rope
  • Yoga mat or foam roller
  • Gift card for gym classes or membership
  • Inspiring fitness books or magazines
  • Pedometer or fitness tracker
  • Hair ties, headbands, sweat bands

This gift basket will inspire your BFF to keep crushing their fitness dreams. Pair it with motivational workout music, and they’ll be ready to sweat!

Arts and Crafts Gift Basket

Arts and Crafts Gift Basket

Unleash your bestie’s inner creative spirit with an artsy gift basket. Fill it with:

  • Premium art supplies like paints, colored pencils, sketchbooks, canvas, etc.
  • DIY craft kits for candle or jewelry making, embroidery, etc.
  • Craft decor like vases, frames, knickknacks to decorate
  • How-to-books on painting techniques, calligraphy, pottery, etc.
  • Gift cards for local craft shops or online retailers
  • Apron, jewelry holder, or display trays for completed projects
  • Adorable bag or box for storing supplies

Pair this unique gift with a bottle of wine for crafty nights in. It will make creating that much more fun for your artistic BFF.

Book Lover’s Gift Basket

For the bookworm BFF who’s always got their nose in a new read, make a book lover’s gift basket. Include:

  • Barnes & Noble or Amazon gift cards so they can pick their own reads
  • Just-released hardcovers of the latest bestsellers
  • Bookish accessories like bookmarks, book sleeves, book lights, fancy book ends
  • Cozy throw blanket for reading nooks
  • Candles to set the mood
  • Box of tea or coffee to sip while reading
  • Book lover apparel like socks, candle, mug, etc.
  • Book inspired liqueur like Drambuie or Strega
  • Audible subscription for audio books
  • Tablet or eReader to expand their digital library

Top with a personalized book embosser and your BFF will be set for hours of reading bliss.

Adventure Gift Basket

Does your BFF have an adventurous spirit? Fuel their sense of wanderlust and exploration with a unique gift basket. Stuff it with:

  • Travel books, guides, or maps of places they want to visit
  • Luggage tags or passport holder
  • Polaroid camera to capture memories
  • Binoculars, pocket knife, or compass
  • Headlamp or hiking backpack
  • Travel games, cards, or scratch-off maps to plan trips
  • Coffee table books on national parks, noteworthy trails, etc.
  • Camping gear like tent, sleeping bag, fire starter, hammock
  • Gift card for airline miles or AirBnB lodging

Send your bestie on an exciting new expedition with this gift basket as their guide. It’s the perfect prelude to a weekend getaway or epic bucket list adventure.

DIY Spa Gift Basket

Pamper your bestie from head to toe with a relaxing DIY spa gift basket you can make together. Include materials to create:

  • Custom face masks like clay, essential oils, herbs, exfoliants
  • Fizzy bath bombs with dried flowers and epsom salts
  • Sugar or salt body scrubs infused with aromatic coconut oil
  • Cleaning facial scrubs with ingredients like oats, honey, and lemon
  • Homemade lip scrub and balm with beeswax and vitamin E
  • Relaxing linen sprays, room diffusers, or reed diffusers
  • Painted wine glasses and mini bottles of bubbly to celebrate

Pair with soft headbands, facial brushes, and nail files. Get ready to relax and rejuvenate with your BFF!

Brunch Gift Basket

Brunch Gift Basket

Treat your bestie to a lavish brunch-in with a breakfast-themed gift basket. Include:

  • Artisan jams, honey, spreads, and nut butters
  • Bread or pastry mixes to bake fresh treats
  • Gourmet coffee, tea, or hot chocolate
  • Flaky croissants, scones, or muffins
  • Gift card for brunch delivery
  • Omelet maker or breakfast sandwich iron
  • Mini pitchers for juices, syrups, milk, etc.
  • Whimsical mugs, plates, or utensils
  • Bloody mary mix and garnishes
  • Fruit preserves and flavored butters
  • Mimosa ingredients like juice and champagne

With these delicious eats, you and your BFF can recharge over a relaxing morning feast.

Subscription Box Gift Basket

Give your bestie gifts that keep on coming with a subscription box gift basket. Include:

  • Gift cards for popular monthly subscription boxes (FabFitFun, IPSY, Book of the Month, etc.)
  • Themed boxes tailored to their interests (baking, yoga, crafting, pets, etc.)
  • Blank recipe cards, notebooks or stickers for box customization
  • Wine or cocktail mixer boxes so they can learn mixology
  • Extra tissue paper and gift wrap to dress up deliveries
  • Monthly calendar they can mark for each arrival
  • Gift card for Amazon Prime or other delivery service memberships
  • Basket or box dividers so they can organize items

With this gift, your BFF will have something fresh and exciting to look forward to each month!

“Open When” Letter Gift Basket

Create memorable moments for you and your best friend to share with a thoughtful “open when” letter gift basket. Simply write different letters for them to open on special occasions like:

  • “Open when you need a pick me up…”
  • “Open when you want a girls’ night…”
  • “Open when you need dating advice…”
  • “Open when you get a promotion…”
  • “Open on your 30th birthday…”

Pair the letters with small gifts that relate to the occasion like candy, face masks, champagne, confetti, etc. Tie each bundle with a pretty ribbon and nestle them together in a basket. This heartfelt gift will show your BFF how well you know them!

Getting Crafty Gift Basket

Have an artsy best friend who loves getting creative? Gift them this getting crafty basket so they can make charming DIY projects. Include:

  • Craft books with patterns for sewing, jewelry-making, paper projects, knitting, etc.
  • Tools like sewing needles, thread, glue gun, scissors, paint brushes, beads, clay
  • Blank items like shirts, tote bags, aprons, mugs, vases to decorate
  • How-to guides on knitting, crocheting, ceramics, calligraphy, cross stitch, etc.
  • Gift cards for local craft stores or online shops like Etsy
  • Decorative trays, baskets, jars to hold supplies
  • Wine or craft beer to enjoy during crafting sessions

With these fun materials, your BFF can create homemade masterpieces to gift or display!

Romantic Night In Gift Basket

Help set the mood for love with a romantic night in gift basket for your bestie and their special someone. Include:

  • Scented massage oils or candles
  • Cozy blankets, pillows, robes
  • Romantic movies or playlists
  • Bottle of champagne or wine
  • Chocolates, chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Mini appetizers they can make together
  • Couples games or conversation starters
  • Gift cards for delivery meals or desserts
  • Adorable love-themed mugs, wine glasses
  • Matching slippers or pajamas

This gift will make your bestie’s date nights so much sweeter. Just add love!

Romantic Night In Gift Basket

Galentine’s Day Gift Basket

Show your lady BFF she’s your number one Valentine with a Galentine’s Day gift basket. Fill it with:

  • Cute mugs, wine glasses, or water bottles with “Best Friends” phrases
  • Matching slippers, shirts, or jewelry you can wear together
  • Wine, champagne, or cocktail ingredients to mix drinks
  • Sweet treats like chocolates, candy, or baked goods to share
  • Face masks, nail polish, bath bombs, or other pampering goodies
  • Sentimental framed photo, collage, or scrapbook page
  • Playlist of your fave songs to jam out to
  • Ticket for a girls’ night out at restaurant, show, etc.
  • Heartfelt card reminding her how awesome she is

This BFF gift proves she’s a friend with friend-t benefits!

Snack Lover’s Gift Basket

Satisfy your bestie’s cravings for snacks with this fun gift basket. Fill it with:

  • Their fave treats like chips, popcorn, pretzels, nuts, jerky
  • Interesting flavors of sodas, seltzers, or energy drinks
  • Unusual candy bars, chocolates, or truffles
  • Kits to make candy apples, caramel, peppermint bark, etc.
  • Quirky cooking gadgets like a s’mores maker, popcorn popper, or hot dog toaster
  • Cookbooks for appetizers, dips, finger foods
  • Gift cards for GrubHub, DoorDash, or Postmates delivery
  • Creative cocktail mixes and garnishes
  • Funny napkins, coasters, or utensils
  • Sweet treats like brownies, cake pops, or Rice Krispies treats

This gift basket will keep your snackaholic BFF munching happily!

Music Lover’s Gift Basket

Does your bestie always have their headphones on? Delight their musical tastes with this gift basket. Include:

  • Gift cards for Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc.
  • Cool new speakers, headphones, or Bluetooth devices
  • Their favorite CDs, records, or music DVDs
  • Ticket to a concert, musical, or show
  • Coffee table books on musicians, bands, or music history
  • Quirky music accessories like phone amplifiers or shower speakers
  • Musical instrument like guitar, ukulele, mini keyboard, etc. (if desired)
  • Songwriting journal and pens
  • Karaoke machine
  • Premium streaming service subscriptions
  • Frame their concert stubs, guitar picks, or photos

With this gift, you can rock on with your music loving best friend!

Weekend Getaway Gift Basket

Help your BFF plan a fun weekend escape with this vacation-themed gift basket. Include:

  • Hotel, AirBnB, or bed & breakfast gift cards
  • Travel books on weekend trips or road trips
  • Disposable camera, photo album, or scrapbook to save memories
  • Maps, guides, or brochures for nearby attractions
  • Gas gift cards or parking passes
  • Snacks, bottled water, to-go coffee mugs for the journey
  • Adventure gear like binoculars, pocket knife, hiking shoes, etc.
  • Visors, sunglasses, luggage tags
  • Picnic supplies like blanket, basket, wine glasses, etc.
  • Playlist or audiobooks for the road trip there

With this gift, your BFF can take a refreshing mini getaway anytime!

Wine Lover’s Gift Basket

Cheers to your wine enthusiast BFF with everything needed for fantastic wine nights. Fill a basket with:

  • Several bottles of their favorite red, white, and sparkling wines
  • Fancy wine glasses, corkscrew, stopper, carrying bag
  • Wine fridge magnets, bottle tags, or stickers
  • Cheese board, slicer, knives, crackers for pairings
  • Durable stemless tumblers for outdoors
  • Wine tasting notes journal
  • Aerator, decanter, chillers
  • Bottle toppers, charms, caddies
  • Books on wine regions, varieties, collecting, etc.
  • Wine themed blanket, pillow, towels, soap
  • Gift cards for winery tours, tastings, clubs

This gift will have your oenophile BFF shouting, “Wine not?!”

Bath and Body Gift Basket

Pamper your BFF with relaxing self-care items in this soothing gift basket. Include:

  • Luxurious bath bombs, salts, and bubble bath
  • Essential oils for aromatic diffusers
  • Body scrubs, lotions, sprays, and creams
  • Natural soaps and shower gels
  • Super soft robe, slippers, headband, loofah
  • Pretty nail polish and manicure set
  • Scented candles perfect for bathtime
  • Face masks, exfoliating wipes, moisturizers
  • Magazines or Sudoku puzzles for tub reading
  • Chocolates, tea bags, wine to enjoy while soaking

After using this spa-like gift, your bestie will feel refreshed from head to toe!

Game Night Gift Basket

Game Night Gift Basket

Get the laughs flowing at your next game night by gifting this fun basket to your BFF. Fill it with:

  • Hilarious new board games or card games
  • Snacks like popcorn, pretzels, candy, nuts, sodas
  • Fun drinking games (for those 21+)
  • Quirky mugs, shot glasses, or drink tumblers
  • Blank scorecards, pencils, dry erase board
  • Gift cards for pizza, wings, subs, or other delivery
  • Tabletop game accessories like bags, dice, card shuffler, etc.
  • Nintendo Switch or PlayStation console and multiplayer games


FAQ 1: What are some gift basket ideas for my best friend’s birthday?

Some great birthday gift basket ideas for your BFF include a pampering basket with luxurious bath products, robe and slippers; a movie night basket with cozy blankets, favorite films and snacks; or an adventure basket with travel guides, photography equipment, hiking gear, and other fun items suited to their interests.

FAQ 2: What should I include in a spa gift basket for my best friend?

A relaxing spa gift basket could include scented candles, essential oils, bath bombs, body scrubs, face masks, cozy slippers, soft towels, aromatherapy, chocolate, wine, and a gift card for a massage or salon treatment. Tailor it to their scent and self-care preferences.

FAQ 3: What are cute gift basket ideas for Galentine’s Day?

For Galentine’s Day, make your BFF feel special with matching pajamas and slippers, a “best friends” photo album, cute mugs, wine, candy, face masks, and a thoughtful card celebrating your friendship. A playlist of your fave songs, tickets to a show, or coupon book of fun outings together also make great Galentine’s basket gifts.

FAQ 4: What food items should I include in an Italian gift basket?

An Italian food lover’s gift basket might include imported olive oil, pastas, tomato sauce, Italian cookies, espresso, tiramisu, prosciutto, salami, olives, artichokes, pasta pots, a pizza stone, limoncello, biscotti, and gift cards to Italian markets or restaurants.

FAQ 5: What are good ideas for a DIY gift basket for my crafty best friend?

Some fun DIY gift basket ideas for your crafty BFF include craft books and guides, blank journals, art supplies like colored pencils and watercolor sets, sewing materials, origami paper, paint and brushes, jewelry making kits, and gift cards to craft stores. Add a bottle of wine or craft beer so they can relax while getting creative!

In conclusion

Creating a thoughtful valentine’s day gift basket filled with goodies tailored to your best friend’s interests and personality is a wonderful way to show them how much you care. Find the perfect creative Valentine gifts for your boyfriend, tailored to his interests—whether he adores reading, cooking, pampering, or traveling, a personalized gift basket becomes a cherished surprise for birthdays, holidays, or just because. Pack it with items to make them smile – then sit back and watch your BFF light up when they receive your heartfelt gift!


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