The best creative Valentine gifts for boyfriend

February 14 is coming. Valentine’s date in which it is the tradition that lovers exchange gifts. Whether for lack of ideas or because it is your first celebration as a couple and you do not know what to give. It is likely that you have not yet thought of a gift for your boyfriend. In this article, we give you some Valentine gifts for your boyfriend. With proposals for all budgets (none of them exceeds 60 dollars) and you will surely find it from nearby shop.

Valentine gifts for boyfriend

Take note of these ideal gift proposals to give your partner in this romantic celebration. Here are all the valentine gifts for boyfriend.

1. Headphones

Headphones for two

If you do not want to spend a lot of money but do not want to give up any detail, one of the best Valentine gifts for your boyfriend can be an adapter for two headphones.

It will be a gift that you can also enjoy as a couple. It will allow you to listen to your favorite songs or see the series you are following on your mobile phone without having to share a single headset.

Photographic lens for smartphones

2. Photographic lens for smartphones

Another of the best Valentine’s gifts for him for less than 60 dollars will be a photographic lens for smartphones. Whether it’s an amateur to take pictures from your phone or a lover of gadgets, this will be your gift.

With this lens for smartphones, you can give a fun touch to your photos of a couple. It is ideal to take on any of your trips or romantic getaways.

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Kit to prepare sushi

3. Kit to prepare sushi

If you are a lover of Japanese cuisine or love sushi, this is one of Valentine’s gifts for your different and original man. You can make it on that date.

This is another gift that you can enjoy both. Because with this kit you will not have excuses not to be surprised with a romantic dinner at home.

Kit to prepare beer

4. Kit to prepare beer

If you like gastronomy but are more fond of drinks, the ideal Valentine’s gift for him will be a kit to prepare your homemade beer.

With this pack to prepare craft beer of fewer than 60 dollars you can enjoy the preparation and tasting of a homemade beer prepared by himself. A gift that you will love!

Cocktail set

5. Cocktail set

If instead, it is somewhat stronger drinks, one of the gifts for him for Valentine’s Day that you can get for less than 60 euros is this kit that will help you prepare any cocktail you want.

Ideal for lovers of the combined or for those who want to surprise their guests. It can also be the perfect excuse to take a moment of relaxation as a couple taking a Sex on the beach on Valentine’s night.

Chocolate with Tabasco

6. Chocolate with Tabasco

The chocolates have always been considered an almost exclusive gift for them, but in countries like Japan, the tradition is that on February 14 they are the ones who give chocolate to men.

Break the stereotypes by giving them your chocolates, with this spicy chocolate with Tabasco. Both chocolate and spicy are considered aphrodisiac foods, so take advantage and add an exciting point to your Valentine’s night with this gift.


7. Books

And if you do not like chocolate but want to give it something spicy, another Valentine’s gift ideal for your partner can be this bible and any books.

Ideal to put them into practice that same night or any other day that encourages you to try something different in bed.

8. Room Escape or Laser Tag in couple

You may prefer instead to give a different experience as a couple . In that case, an ideal Valentine’s gift for him may be to invite him to a virtual reality Room Escape, like this one in Barcelona .

Another original and fun option is to give a game of Laser Tag as a couple, in which both live the excitement of competing with each other with laser guns. A different plan to release adrenaline as a couple on Valentine’s Day!

9. Getaway to disconnect

If you are an inveterate traveler or think you need to disconnect, your best Valentine’s gift for him can be a classic romantic getaway that you can enjoy both.

There are escape options for all tastes. You prefer city or suburbs, sea or mountain, accompany them with a wine or an experience in a spa. Any option will be ideal for you to enjoy a romantic and special Valentine.

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